A Post About John Green

Good day everybody! I am sure you are aware of the fact that the phenomenon John Green is a really big hype right now. The 'The Fault In Our Stars' movie (often just 'TFIOS', to make it easier) has just come out and everybody loves it (and so do I!). John Green is a great writer, but TFIOS is not the only book he has written.

Mr. Green has written a total of 5 books, and I absolutely adored 4 of them. That's why I decided to write a collective review, including a comparison between the TFIOS book and the movie! I hope you enjoy! (Oh, and remember my opinion is just like every opinion completely subjective!)

TFIOS: The book
I am no different than everyone else on this planet who has read the TFIOS book (I am sure some people didn't like it because there is nothing liked by everyone, but it seems like everybody loves it) - and I loved the book. I read it in Dutch for the first time, and re-read it in English a few times because I just couldn't get enough of it. I love Green's style of writing, it's so simple yet complicated (the conversations sometimes consist of some twisted sentences) and the book just sucks you into the story. Sometimes you read a book and you know it's good but you just can not relate: this book was anything but that. It was hard putting it away, even reading it for a second time.
You can see I am very lyrical about the book and I waited for the movie for a long, long time. When it finally came out I went to see it right away.

TFIOS: The movie
I went to the cinema with three other friends - one of them was just as excited as me, the two other girls went because they'd read the book and wanted to see the movie. The atmosphere in the cinema was really good which helped a great deal (if everybody would've been talking the mood would've been killed) and when it finally started some girls were crying already.
I am not going to write an in-depth review because I do not want to spoil anything, but if you don't want to know anything, stop reading right here.
Film versions of books are never better than the book but this movie was damn near close to it, and I am not kidding. There were only a few differences between the book and movie I could find (sometimes they change it so much it isn't even recognizable anymore which really annoys me) - and the filmmakers managed to keep the deep yet 'easy' atmosphere which I loved so much in the book. Some tears escaped from my eyes at a certain point but I won't tell you anything about the plot.
If the book was a 10 (which it certainly was according to me: the amount of feelings it gave you was just so amazing), the movie definitely was a 9. Why a 9 and not a 10? Because I'd never give a movie a 10:  experiencing a story yourself is so much better than seeing it, in my opinion.

John Green has, like I said, written a total of 5 books: TFIOS, Looking For Alaska, An Abundance Of Katherines, Paper Towns and Will Grayson, Will Grayson. I have fully read 4 of them and about the fifth book I haven't read I will tell you why now.

An Abundance Of Katherines
Every other John Green book has such a great beginning, but this book just really didn't get to me. Every other book sucked me into the story but I couldn't relate to this story. I just couldn't finish the book. I am sure there are people who loved the book and I will re-read it in the future because I don't believe it could be bad, but at the time I was reading it I just couldn't get into it.

Looking For Alaska
You can call the TFIOS-thing a real hype now, but I think the Looking For Alaska-hype has yet to come (or is already there?) - this is a book which also gave me many emotions and feelings. The book has the same atmosphere to it as TFIOS, very light-hearted but still very deep, which I believe many people adore because it's just so easy to read. In the list of his 5 books, this one is my definite favorite.

Paper Towns
I actually read this book far before the John Green hype was there (so hipster! I know) and I didn't know about his existence. I was at the library and the title and cover just really caught my attention. I read it and wrote a book report about it about 5 years ago I believe and I remember loving the book and re-reading it once again. This book is a little bit easier to read in my opinion but still very thoughtful and beautiful and I think this one really teaches us a lesson.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Yes, the title is really twice the same name! That is because the book is about two boys who are both called Will Grayson. The fact that both boys are called Will Grayson makes sure some funny (many) situations come to being and this is the funniest book in my opinion, it really made me laugh out loud some times. This book really illustrates the high school feeling which I really loved, because schools in The Netherlands are just so different.

My top five of books is..
1. The Fault In Our Stars (I think this would be everyone's choice!)
2. Looking For Alaska
3. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
4. Paper Towns (3 and 4 could actually be switched)
5. An Abundance Of Katherines (but I will re-read it, I promise! If my thoughts change, I will share it.)

I hope I will be able to expand my top five - I'd love to read some new material! Until then I will just have to read books from similar authors or re-read the books! If you haven't seen the TFIOS movie yet: go see it and if you haven't read any books written by John Green and are looking for some lovely reading material for during the summer, go read some books!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Uu I have read just The Fault in Our Stars. I would like to read some more of John Green's books, but I heard that they are pretty the same. What do you think?

    Mary x

    1. Good day! I have heard that many people have that opinion but I do not share it. Every writer has his or her own style, and so does John Green. The writing style is the same and it are all young adult books with the main characters being young adults but the topics are different and so are the storylines! I'd definitely recommend you to read more!

    2. Ok, so I think I'm gonna give it ago. Especially that I did like John Green's style of writing. Thank you very much :)


  2. My favourite John Green book was Paper Towns. I thought it was so beautiful and had so many amazing lessons in it. When I was reading it, I remember just re-reading some sentences over and over smiling because they were just so beautiful and perfectly written and really struck a chord with me. I don't know what it is about that book, it just got my heart! I do love his other books, although the hype around TFIOS kinda ruined it for me because I knew how it ended haha. Great blog and lovely post!

    Gab xo | gabbbxo.blogspot.co.uk

    1. That's true! Probably re-reading Paper Towns in the near future because I just love the book but it's such a long time ago! x

  3. Hey, love your blog and great review! But John had collaborated with 2 other writers for 'Let it snow' too! So actually, there are 6 books of his :) Let it snow is super fuzzy (don't know to describe it in an other way haha) so you kind of need to like that, but it is definitely a recommendation!

    1. I didn't know that, I am sorry for my incorrect information! I'll read it during the wintertime, souds perfect for temperatures like that!