A (Very Time Consuming) School DIY

Good day everybody! This was going to be the eighth year of me buying a school diary for myself. I was very excited because I always love little notebooks and things to write in, but after some time of walking in and out of my favorite shops I realized I wouldn't be finding a diary I'd like. They were all too big or too small or there wasn't enough space too write or there was too much space to write. None of them were good, and that is when I decided to make my own! (Well, at least, to buy a notebook I really liked so I could make it my own.)

That was also the moment on which I decided to spend, say, 10 hours on drawing lines and writing dates.

It's not a very complicated DIY, just a rather time consuming one. But, if you're picky like me when it comes to diaries and notebooks this might just be the right DIY for you. But, be aware of the fact that this will take you some hours of writing!

All I used was a notebook (I picked up for a very low price at a big store), some pens and I also used some felt-tip pens. Oh, and, don't forget your ruler (if your hand's not that steady!)

The advantage of this rather time consuming task is, you can make your diary exactly how you'd like it to be. You can use as many lines for each day as you'd like and you can skip the colors you don't.

I used my iPad to check out which dates belonged to which days (I'd be very annoyed if they wouldn't be right!) and I used some different colors for each week to spice up my diary. You can also use stickers or make cute little drawings, but I'll save this space for when the school year starts. I'll need it during some boring lessons!

Will you be buying your diary this year, or will you make it into a crafty DIY project? Let me know! 


  1. I always have a diary as I hate being disorganised, my current is a hello kitty one which is the cutest thing ever haha. I love the print of yours! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

    1. Thank you! I hate being disorganized too.. hate it when I go to sleep and don't have a list of what I'll have to do tomorrow! x

  2. This is such a great idea, definitely need to try this out!

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  4. Your handwriting is gorgeous! I have thought about making my own diary but it would just take too long haha x

  5. I love keeping journals too! I've done this a few times too, it's just so time consuming! but I'm also very picky about my notebooks, haha :)


  6. AN;
    Well, I hope some pictures turn out good... I'm really bad at taking pictures of myself, hate it!

  7. This is such a good idea, I have so many notebooks in my draw that I've just collected over time, this might be one very time consuming way of using one! x


  8. It looks beautiful! I also do my own planners and school notebooks :D I think it gives a personal touch and, though time consuming, it's so much fun! Great post!!!


  9. It's such a nice and original idea. I found myself browsing all the diaries in the shop for hours, never finding the right one!


  10. I love notebooks and just an all round stationery addict. I might start using a diary after this x

  11. Such a good idea! Definitely trying this.


  12. this is so cute! love how personalised it is

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  13. oh my god this is somehting id do!!!!
    Im so specific with notepads, i have so many in my bedroom that are not even compelte because i always end up buying a better one hahahah, atleast youre all organised, after all them hours gosh youre patient!xxx

  14. I'm definitely going to try this out! Thanks for the ideas!
    xx Amanda

  15. This is such a nice idea! and so nice to have something completely unique to you :D xxx emsypickle xxx