Go For A Walk

Sometimes when everything just gets a little bit too much and your head is too full with thoughts and you'd like to disappear, all you need to do is change your environment and get some fresh air. That is what I did a few days ago - I put on some shoes, grabbed my camera and just took a deep breath.

We can't always just go on and completely forget about ourselves. Don't do unnecessary things if you don't have to - grab a book, watch some television, go for a walk, a drink - just enjoy life, because yes, it sounds really pretentious and stupid but yes, we do really only live once.

I was lucky because the weather in The Netherlands tends to be terrible but when I needed some fresh air the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I usually grab my standard 18-55mm when taking photographs because I think that one is easier to use when filming but I decided to take my 50mm with me this time because I always forget how pretty the pictures come out to be - I hope you have a lovely day and remember, enjoy life. Love, Sjoukje

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