Ideas On & For Breakfast

It seems like everybody has been trying to live a healthier life recently. You can see biological food, restaurants and even clothing everywhere you look - and I personally love it!

Food is an important part of being healthy, because everything you put into your mouth is somehow being processed and somehow affects your body.

I personally always thought dinner was the most important meal of the day - it's the last food of the day so it'd better be good so you can survive the night and evening, right? - but that's not right, at all. Breakfast is important and if it's not eaten well, you sure will see it, if it's not in your body it are your energy levels. Every time I forget to eat breakfast I feel less energetic and when going to school, I feel that absorbing knowledge is so much harder. Studies have also shown that people who do eat breakfast are not as often obese as people who skip breakfast.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day is not easy: everybody'd rather lay in bed, instead of preparing some huge breakfast, I believe. That's why I have some tips for you, which'll make your start of the day a lot more pleasant!

1. Wake up a little bit earlier!
Getting up is quite hard in my opinion, but once you've taken a quick shower and put on some clothes the sleepy feeling is gone and you will be ready to make yourself some delicious breakfast.

2. See it as a treat, not as a chore
If you make your breakfast delicious, you can look forward to it the evening before (and waking up will be less hard!)

3. Skip Starbucks
I don't normally do this, but many people grab a cup of coffee and a snack before going to school/work. Companies like Starbucks tend to load their products with calories. Making your breakfast at home, being able to see what you put in your bowl, makes sure you won't be able to eat calories you didn't know about. This is a tip about reducing the fat and sugar in your breakfast: the best way to have breakfast is healthily, but still filling. I will give you two of my favorite breakfast options!

1. Breakfast if you don't have time
I can imagine that you don't feel like cooking a complete breakfast right before you go to work. That's why a bowl of yoghurt with some fruit is a very good  idea. It's simple and it doesn't need a DIY, but remember to take low-fat yoghurt (or some soy yoghurt! That's what I always use!) and if you'd like a touch of extra sweetness, don't add sugar but pour some honey on top. Looks good, tastes good! I always add some granola to make the breakfast a little bit heavier, so I won't start feeling hungry too soon.

2. Breakfast if you do have time
I personally love having big breakfast in the weekends - after sleeping in for some time being treated with some deliciousness is never wrong. Whenever I have the chance and time, I make healthy pancakes. The advantage of those healthy pancakes is that they don't need many ingredients. You only need an egg and two bananas, and this'll make you some pancakes! Wonderful, isn't it?

What you'll have to do:
With a fork, munch the bananas (this is easier if you use ripe bananas). Once they are quite smooth, add in the egg and stir it up. Once this mixture looks smooth warm up some butter (or olive oil, coconut oil.. whatever you prefer!) in a pan and make pancakes just like you normally would. It's that easy, and so delicious! You might think, mix eggs with bananas? nah - but it really does taste good. If you think they are too plain, you can add some strawberries or blueberries but I think they taste good without any additions.

This is my favorite breakfast ever (except from regular pancakes.. but too bad they aren't the healthiest choice ever). And, if you don't want to go all healthy, you can add a little bit Nutella spread ;-)

I told you about the food choices but I didn't tell you anything about drinks yet - whenever I wake up, the first thing I do is drink a glass of water. This wakes me up (and I am just really thirsty whenever I wake up). If you'd like to go for something hot, go for a nice cup of tea (I prefer green tea and it also helps you lose weight) and if you just really crave for caffeine, grab a cup of coffee. Try drinking it without any sugar and if you can't, add a bit of (soy) milk, this dissolves the harsh coffee taste a little bit.

I hope you liked my breakfast tips and ideas and if you tried out the pancakes, don't forget to share your thoughts! Have a lovely day!


  1. I love your blog so much! Especially the design and photography. Keep it up, I have followed you on Bloglovin and I can't wait to read more of your posts! x

  2. Thanks ! You can translate it, I put the translate thing under the twitter and Instagram links if you want ! :)
    By the way, I posted a new article that you can also translate :)

  3. I love anything with strawberries!! <3


  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal! I have found out if I eat a healthy breakfast I tend to make healthier choices the entire day! I absolutely love your blog.
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  5. Great ideas. You know, even though you wrote that it takes more time to make those pancakes, it looks really easy. I love it. I must try it though :)

    Mary x

  6. I absolutely loved the content of this post! It included loads of helpful information. I also completely agree that starbucks isn't a great breakfast option.If you had a moment could you check out my blog:
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  7. Damnit girl youre making me hungry! That breakfast looks to DIE FOR!! Gorgeous pictures and lovely post :)

  8. Great breakfast tips and ideas. I definitely need to start incorporating these into my day.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  9. That looks delicious and tasty!!! :) yum!! I am a new follower :) XO-M

  10. Ymmy , Looks soooooo delicious :)

  11. I love banana pancakes too!!
    Love your blog and your photos are great :-) x

  12. Super keen to make these pancakes for breakfast sometime soon! I've been having muesli/granola mixed with unsweetened yoghurt instead of milk and have been loving it. Also guilty of stocking up on Belvita breakfast biscuits when they're on special and enjoying them with my morning coffee... :)