iPhone 5C: Pros & Cons

Gooooood day everybody! I have had my iPhone 5C for about three weeks now and I must admit, this was not my first iPhone so I wasn't completely new to Apple's concept. But, repurchasing a product with a system so similar is a great compliment - apparently I really like the way iPhones work! Take that, Steve! (whoops, not Steve, but I don't know who else is in charge now).

It seems like everybody keeps on purchasing phones all the time so that made me write this article - I wanted to share my thoughts on my phone, my pros and cons seen from a 'I-was-already-an-Apple-user-but-I-upgraded' point of view. I won't be talking about the apps and stuff, just about the improved user experience.

the pros
- I upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5C. The iPhone 4 was pretty old and I had the 8GB version so the 5C is an update for me, both speed- and storage capacity wise. While my 4 sometimes had troubles with saving my beloved pictures because of the limited storage capacity, I won't have to worry about this with my 16GB iPhone 5C.
- The colour - while the iPhone 4 was only available in two colours (black and white), the 5C is available in 5 colours (that's why it's called a C - C stands for colour (it's like learning the alphabet boys and girls)). I have the yellow iPhone and I absolutely love it, because it's not neon-yellow but it's a little bit pastelly, which I adore.
- The speed - it's just so fast and it does never ever lag.
- The camera - I am now used to the camera experience but when I first started using my new iPhone I had to get used to the improved quality, because the iPhone 4 was just rubbish compared to this one

the cons
- What's up with the cases? If you visit a store nowadays, the only thing you see are iPhone 4/5 cases., But I never see any 5C cases? I don't mind because we have the interwebs (yay!) but this is something I did not expect.
- I don't like that you can't upgrade the storage capacity on iPhones, but I had that with my iPhone 4 as well. It's just an Apple thing, I guess.

Compared to my iPhone 4 I do not have any more cons, to be honest. I can imagine if you are an LG or Samsung or HTC or whatever-other-brand user you might not like iPhones, but I am hooked: I like the simplicity and elegance iPhones have which some Samsungs lack in my opinion (even though I have used a Samsung for quite some time and I really liked it). - Have a lovely day, love, Sjoukje.


  1. Ugh it bugs me so much that they it's impossible to find iphone 5c cases in stores! I've had my pink one for more than 6 months and still don't have a case! Although i think it's just because the colour of the phone is already beautiful enough! And I love that it's super smooth :)


  2. There is no waterproof protection with it, but the benefit of that is that all the buttons, camera and ports retain all their usability.iphone 5c wallets

  3. It really looks amazing - although it will add and extra inch or so to your device length.iphone 5c cases