My Sissies OOTD

Good day everybody! The weather is so nice (I think I've emphasized this about a hundred times now? Anyway) and my little sister and I took my camera with me, so we could take some pictures. I really liked the outfit she was wearing (really into high waisted shorts these days - anything high waisted, to be honest) and she didn't mind!

Oh, by the way - I keep on saying 'my little sister', but she's actually a lot taller than me, about 10cm even though she is almost 2 years younger than me. This hurts (hehe), and that's why I keep on saying 'my little sister', while she's only younger.

I like her clothes but I especially like her sunglasses - they make me think of the 60s, John Lennon and Woodstock - and I adore that time. Most of her clothes are from Primark, except her bag and the sunglasses. She bought the sunglasses at Sacha (they don't have the sunnies in their webshop anymore!) and I bought her bag a very long time ago, as a present. The nailpolish she was wearing is by Rimmel London, 510 Pink-A-Boo. We had a lovely time walking around the village for a bit and enjoying the weather - I hope you liked this outfit of the day! Have a lovely day!


  1. Those sunglasses are amazing :) Love the pictures

  2. Great photography! Love those glasses,

    New blogger so please take a look:

  3. I love that top, it's so bold and summery! x

  4. I love your nails and satchel :)
    Susan | classysusie

  5. Your sister's bike is beautiful!

  6. I love the print on her top, it's very pretty and summery :) both of my sisters are younger than me and are a lot taller than m too! It seems I'm the only sibling to not inherit a decent height haha.

    Louise /

  7. Just found your blog and fell in love. What a beautiful blog! Your posts are amazing, as are you. Thank you!