Pesto Pasta: Recipe

I love cooking big meals but sometimes you don't have the time for that - and that's okay, because there are plenty of lovely recipes which only take a few minutes to make! This is my favorite recipe for when I have little time to cook, and it's very inexpensive. The basic ingredients are pesto and any pasta of your preference but this is how I love making mine!

- Any pasta you like (I love using tortellini)
- Arugula (about one)
- A bottle of pesto (1.5 tablespoons/person)
- A handful of pine nuts
- Some cheese for on top
- Mozarella cheese (one portion)

This recipe is so quick to make because you can cook the pasta while you're preparing the other ingredients. I always grab a big bowl and put the arugula in it. You have to roast the pine nuts for a few minutes so they are a little bit crispier and you can throw them in the bowl, too. Cut the mozarella cheese in small pieces and add them to the contents of the bowl. It should be about now that your pasta is ready and you can add the pesto. Mix everything in the bowl and your food is ready to serve! It's that easy!

It's really easy to make and if I have some time left I like making this little treat you can put on a piece of bread, it's especially good with a fresh, warm baguette. I don't know if this is some official recipe anywhere but I came up with it by putting some leftovers together and I ended up quite liking it! 

- 1 big juicy tomato
- Pepper and salt
- Chives
- Olive oil

Cut the tomato and make sure it's not too wet because it'll diffuse the olive oil. Pour some olive oil into the bowl you're using for making the mixture (it doesn't have to be much, just enough for you to be able to mix the olive oil and tomatoes). Spread some pepper and salt on it and finish it off with some chives. Very delicious and the taste goes great with this pasta! I always like having some bread with my meals and this makes it even better.

I hope you liked this recipe post! I am aware of the fact that I have been posting many recipes but when the holidays are there I am just really into cooking and baking - who isn't! (many people, actually, I guess. Hmm.)

Thank you for reading this and have a lovely day!


  1. I want that. Looks so deilicious! Guess I'll have to try to make it at home. :) Thanks for sharing the recipe. xx

    1. No problem! Let me know if you ever happen to try it ^^

  2. your photos always make everything look so appetising! i love your blog :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Thank you! And I will check out your blog! ^^

  3. Dit ziet er heerlijk uit! Je hebt ook super mooie foto's gemaakt :) X

  4. Great recipe! I love tomatoes and anything with pesto really! :)


    1. Me too - the combination of the two is just so fresh! x