Room Decor: Heart Garlands

Good day everybody! I hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather (the weather here is okay, for a change) - my version of 'enjoying the weather' is sitting inside with my best friend and filming a DIY. Love days like these! I decided to take some photographs of the DIY as well so I could share it right here.

The DIY is very easy: you grab some colourful pieces of paper (we went for those paint samples you can get for free at any crafts store) and you cut out some hearts. If you're not really good at cutting you can go for that little machine which punches out any shape you like - I do not know the name. After you've punched/cut out a little heart you make two small holes in which you insert a thread (like the photograph above this piece of text). It's very easy and I hope you like the idea! The garland is currently hanging in my room and I absolutely adore it.

And this is the result! I personally love the outcome of the DIY - you can put it anywhere, you can even drape it around some trees in your garden, they look absolutely adorable anywhere you'd put them! Let me know if you try this DIY out as I'd love to see the outcomes. I think a fully black-and-white garland would be totally awesome too! Have a lovely day - Sjoukje


  1. Oh wow,this is just so pretty! It looks wonderful x

  2. This is such a great idea! I love using the paint chips for diys their inexpensive and they look great. This has inspired me!

  3. Omgg this looks sooo pretty! such a creative idea :)

    Lots of Love,

  4. Ah, I love this! Looks amazing! (And your haircut is amazing too!) / Read my latest post here!

  5. I have made a garland for my room too, but I think yours is soo much better. I love the pastel colors, they aren't like a neon colors, so it calms down a little bit. Love it!

    Mary x

  6. I love garland! So pretty!

  7. So so gorgeous! love the colours :)

  8. An;
    How funny, I was just looking through your blog when I saw your comment, it's really cute!
    I bought mine from and just taped in 'iPhone 5s wood case', I found mine at a seller called 'iEco,To Infinity And Beyond'.
    And thank yooou. x

  9. so simple, yet so pretty. Lovely idea!


  10. Wat een leuke decoratie!