This Month's Music (July 2014)

Good day everybody!

I listen to music all the time - whether it's when I'm traveling, sitting in my room or just relaxing, you won't ever spot me without my headphones when I am alone. My music style has changed so much over the past few years and I am constantly looking for new artists and songs to listen to. I don't have a specific style I listen to - I used to always listen to rock and just heavy music in general but I'm a little bit over that period of my life. I still love it, but I love other kinds of music now, too.

This is July's list of songs I've loved - I love the artists in general but I just picked a few songs for you so it'll be easier to check them out!

Glass Animals - Gooey
alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine
Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
The Black Ghosts - Full Moon
Bloc Party - Ratchet
Bob Marley - Zion Train
Boy - This Is The Beginning
Chet Faker - Cigarettes & Loneliness
Crystal Fighters - Follow
Eminem - Buffalo Bill (not the intro, though, it's terrifying!)
Flobots - Handlebars
George Ezra - Did You Hear The Rain
Hungry Kids Of Hungary - Sharp Shooter
Kakkmaddafakka - Restless
The Kooks - Eskimo Kiss
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Milky Chance - Stunner
Paolo Nutini - Numpty
The xx - Tides
The White Stripes - Icky Thump

Many musical styles are represented in this compilation of songs, so there's something for everybody! I wanted to make a little more rocky music list for this month but honestly, the weather has just been perfect for cocktails and ice creams and I'd rather have not something very guitarry and screamy in my ears! When the temperatures drop a new post with a different kind of music will appear, but this list'll go together with your cold drinks and bathing suits!

Have a lovely day and enjoy the weather, x Sjoukje


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  2. So many good songs,I love it!

  3. Love this post, so much good music!

    Much love xxx

  4. Lovin' this soundtrack!! xx

  5. We have a very different taste in music it seems :-) But I always find it interesting to see what other people enjoy listening to/reading/watching/you name it.

  6. loveeee Bob Marley !

  7. I love Arctic Monkeys!! :)
    xx Amanda

    1. Me too! Saw them live some time ago and it was an amazing experience. x

  8. What a lovely little blog you have hear...

    love the design and the pictures :)

    had a great read so glad I clicked on your blog

    would be amazing to see you over in my blog

    if you would like to follow each other would be amazing :)

    have a nice day


  9. We definitely have similar taste in music (good taste!) Tides by the XX is SO good!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  10. So many good songs, love it!

  11. Lovely post, ive nominated you for the liebser award on my blog, if you want to do it check out the rules here:

  12. Being that i'm from the islands, Brother Bob (Bob Marley) was one of the many reggae artist played at home. Its cool to find bloggers listening to some of the same music i grew up listening too. Nice playlist.