A Mini & Messy Haul

Good day everybody! I recently went to Portugal and I also did some shopping - obviously. This is what I bought! It's not much and the photographs aren't perfect as I took them in our apartment which didn't let in much light (and heat, which was great).

I bought this cute pair of sunnies in a typical touristic shop, and I think it was called 'Funky Fish' or something weird like that. I 'lost' my pair of sunglasses (it was under a piece of clothing in my room - the only thing I didn't dramatically pick up when looking for my pair) and I needed a new pair to protect my eyes from the sun. It was 7 euros I believe, which isn't really expensive for a good pair of sunglases! I love the round shape but how the design itself is not round - do you know what I mean?

I bought this shirt at Pull & Bear and it was 6 euros - which is a great price for a cute shirt like this. I don't quite like the length - it's a bit too long - but I'm going to tuck it in a pair of high trousers and combine it with some white shoes, I think - just casual. I do have to wear a top underneath it, by the way, because it's so transparent!

Lagoon is my favorite scent by Sephora. I bought the body lotion in the Dutch Sephora sale (Sephora stopped selling in The Netherlands which is awful) and I couldn't repurchase it as there was no place to buy it. I saw the Sephora store in the Aqua shopping centre (I think it was called Aqua) and I bought the hand lotion. My mother knows I LOVE this collection and she bought the body lotion, little perfume and a little body wash for me which is lovely. I'm going to be so careful with this little collection as I won't be able to repurchase it but I love the scent so much - awful combination.

I could literally buy every cute phone case for my phone - which I shouldn't do. This is the last phone case I ever bought - I promise! I bought this at Claire's for 10 euros and I love it. Finding a 5C case can be hard as the phone isn't as popular as the 4 or 5 - so I was really happy when I found this cutie.

The sunglasses and my notebooks are my personal favorites. Do you like the items I got? Have a nice day!


  1. Great haul! I love those sunglasses I think they look really cute, I also really love the phone case haha so fitting for Summer! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That phone case is absolutely adorable!


  3. Loved the phone case and the notebooks! Soooo cuuuuute!!!
    Dany | Dany Szelsky

  4. I love that phone case - I NEEEEED IT!

    May | Drops of Brandy

  5. the green notebook says " go ahead ,it the world " and the other one says "healthy mind in a healthy body"

    1. eat the world*. Sorry hahaha