Family Lunch

We as a family always have dinner together (when we have the possibility) but we mostly consume breakfast & lunch individually. This was different a few days ago - we invited our grandparents over and prepared a nice lunch for us all to enjoy. I took a few snapshots and I wanted to share them with you! Grab a cup of tea, put on a nice song (been so addicted to Chet Faker's No Diggity (the cover) recently!) and enjoy my photographs!

I am still feeling full because I ate so many croissants (love croissants) but it was a nice lunch and we had a fun time exchanging stories about the 'old times' (which I don't know too much about, hehe).  Sjoukje

(Oh, and if you decided to click on the Chet Faker link, what did you think about it? I love his laidbackness so much! Been repeating all of his songs for the past few days!)


  1. Thanks for the music recommendation. I love finding new artists to listen to. Those croissants look so good too!!

  2. oh that cup is so cute I like cups more when they are in glass! :) xx Tilsie (

  3. Love the pictures, the way you took them, everything :)
    This looks so yummy and I bet you had a great time with your family.

  4. Lovely photo's! x

  5. Aw this looked nice :) I'm glad you documented it :)