Food Diary: 27th of July

Good day everybody! I personally love looking at food blogs as everything on it just always looks SO good and delicious and they never fail to inspire me. My personal eating habits are not special at all - I'll mostly have some yoghurt for breakfast, some bread with fruit/vegetables for lunch and a vegetarian meal for lunch.

I would really love to eat more diverse and I thought I'd make this a monthly thing - sharing my food with you guys in order to see my 'progress'.

This day's food was extremely boring. It was a regular work day for me: having breakfast early, packing my lunch for at work and arriving home later, cooking a quick (but delicious) dinner, watching some TV and passing out on the couch. 

This is what I had for breakfast. It's soy yoghurt with bits of a delicious nectarine, some granola, and a few bits of some fresh strawberries. It's a big bowl but it was early and I wouldn't have the possibility to have a little snack for a long time, that's why I tried stuffing my tummy as good as possible!

What I had for lunch: some paprika, tomatoes, another nectarine (but not chopped up this time!) and two cheese sandwiches. 

If you're wondering about what I drink all day: I try to drink as much water as possible (currently drinking about 4 litres of water a day but I don't know if this is just too much). I carry this bottle with me all the time (it's in my What's In My Bag post and in my Essentials post

I had falafel for dinner. Let me tell you - falafel is my favorite meal ever. It's the perfect taste and it's so easy to make - I like combining it with some lettuce and Turkish bread - I don't know how it actually should be eaten but this is how I like eating it! (Oh, and don't forget the garlic sauce. NEVER forget the garlic sauce).

I don't know if this is extremely boring for you to read - if it is, let me know! I'd just really like to see my progress (if I make any progress) and I tried really hard not taking photographs on a 'special' day as that would be cheating! x


  1. I've never tried Falafel. Where I live, they have a place in town, I've always wanted to try it. What actually is it? By the way, I loved this post.

    Thanks, Nik
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  2. Great idea to post this in order to see your own development. :)
    I've never tried Falafel, but we have a little place who sells them, maybe I'll try the next time I'll be there.
    Wow. 4 liters of water.. I am so far away from 4 liters a day.. I should really drink more.

  3. Lovely post dear!Really like it:)
    Keep in touch
    Antonella xoxo