My Pamper Evening

Good day everybody! After a long day of work/school I always love taking a long and relaxing bath. I currently have the habit of taking quick showers and very long baths - and the bathing thing is really a ritual, for me. I have some specific things I always do.

The first thing I do is remove my nailpolish (if I'm wearing any). I can't wear nailpolish to my work (people don't like finding chipped pieces of nailpolish in their cake). I then remove all my make up, and start running my bath. Depending on my options I either use a bath bomb or some regular bath gel - I love a good Lush bath bomb but they're kind of expensive and as I like taking baths regularly it'd be kind of an expensive habit.
I quickly run downstairs because I've probably forgotten to boil water - once it's the right temperature I make myself a nice hot steaming cup of tea and take it upstairs.
Once my bath is ready I get in it (after removing my clothes obviously but I don't want to make the details too vivid) (whoops, already did!) and I always take my e-reader with me. If you like taking an e-reader or an iPad too don't forget taking a guest towel too - your hands might get slippery because of the damp air and you don't want your gadgets to fall in the water!
I then read in my book and just enjoy the great smell and lovely warm water. Once I'm completely grandma-like because of the water I get out of the tub, dry my body & hair (which is not a long task because of my recently cut off hair! Drying your hair is so easy once it's short!) and apply a nice bodylotion or body butter. I also put hair oil into my hair to make it a little bit more shiny.
Once I smell nice I get into my most comfy PJs and socks and relocate myself - I mostly go to my bedroom after taking a bath. I paint my nails (if I don't have to work the day after) and I watch a movie/serie on my iPad (or, if I'm reading a particularly nice book I read). I probably am very tired at this very moment so I go to bed after brushing my teeth.

I don't use any special products: I use some Badedas bath gel (if I am not using my favorite Lush bath bomb: the Fizzbanger), The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body lotion (my fave! Going to repurchase it very soon!), Syoss hair oil, and I change my shampoo all the time. The nailpolish I applied to my nails this particular time was Minter Wonderland which is a wintery shade (Minter Wonderland) but I just love it - it's mint green but just a tad darker. I always drink green tea. As my pyjamas I usually wear an old shirt or dress or leggings - I just wear what's in my closet and is the comfiest (doesn't everyone do this?! Who wears nice pyjamas?!)

Because reading and watching movies is a huge part of my pamper evening I liked sharing some of my favorites with you. My current favorite on Netflix is 'The Killing' - it's a detective series following three different story lines (in season 1, only at episode 9 or so yet) and it's really exciting and I love the combination of feelings and tension.
Another series I've really enjoyed is Orange Is The New Black (you've probably heard of it) and I am so excited for season 3!
For reading I suggest reading something happy - I recently finished rereading 'The Spectacular Now' by Tim Tharp - it's not really happy but I really like Tharps style of writing. It's easy and really nice for an evening like this.

The Badedas bath gel is by the way not the one causing the pretty color of my bath - that one is my favorite Lush bath bomb (like I said), Fizzbanger - I didn't have the privilige of bathing in it this time, unfortunately - but I just thought it was so pretty! What I use in the tub to clean my body (besides the gel in the bath) depends on how I am feeling - I sometimes use a scrub (White Blossom by Rituals is my favorite) but on other days I just use whatever's in the bathing room.

I always feel so energized after having a pamper evening (the day after - it makes me so tired at the moment itself!) and I just really enjoy having one. Do you like pamper evenings or are you usually too stressed for them? (People sometimes tell me that! If I tell them 'I like taking long luxuruous baths', they sometimes respond startled - 'Do you have time for that!')
And if you have any suggestions for me on which books I should read or which movies/series to watch, let me know in the comments below! (as I will be finishing 3 series of The Killing in, say, 2 weeks?) - Have a lovely evening!


  1. Looks amazingly relaxing. I think i have some bath bombs left still..hmm. And you're right, nobody wears nice pajamas. I've been wearing men's boxers lately...lobster print i might add. hahah

  2. Damn I want to take a bath now so so bad! Love your tattoo btw!

  3. Looks very relaxing!! I think I need to have a pamper evening soon:)
    Love your nails they look fabulous!
    Melissa x

  4. Sounds so lovely! I need a pamper evening now! x

  5. This looks really relaxing. I need to have a pamper eventing really soon because this just looks great :)
    Love your pictures and your tattoo i might add :)

  6. Gasp your pictures are really nice! I love the layout of this post too - how you divide it into sections :) I love pamper evenings - I have one more than once a week :P although I chop and change, but usually at night I like to take my time and just be slow. I absolutely love it though, to just relaxxx :)
    I take long baths :)

  7. I love taking the time to pamper myself! And it is a good way to boost your self-confidence as well. Every girl should have the time to take good care of herself :)

  8. Great post, sounds so relaxing! I never have baths, always showers. Wish I did though reading this! xx