Praia Da Rocha (1/2)

Good day everybody! You might be aware of the fact that I am currently back in the rainy Netherlands - back from Portugal. The raindrops falling from the sky represent how my heart feels - sad to be back home again (even though I love being home! Don't get me wrong! I just like holidays more - like I think everyone does!)

Anyway - I took my camera with me and I took many, many photographs which I'd like to share with you. I took about 300 photographs (after sorting them out) and of course I won't share them all (I think you'd get so tired!) so I decided to make 2 seperate blogposts - and this is the first one! The second one will be up in a few days!

I could write complete paragraphs for every single photograph but I won't do that as I think they are quite obvious! There's a little holiday summary at the end of this blogpost in case you're interested in ever staying in the region of Portugal I visited - as it is a lovely country (from what I've seen) and I've had an amazing time.

We had an amazing time and I am sad it's over. The seawater was extremely cold but this made the refreshing feeling even more refreshing and the cool breeze blowing everywhere was refreshing as well. It is a very touristic area and the beach was very busy but we stayed at the end of the boulevard (our hotel was right above it) so 'our' bit of the beach was not crowdy at all - just how I like it. We had so much food (good food) and we discovered some lovely restaurants. We all had the relaxation we really needed and I am grateful I've had the chance to visit Portugal.Thank you for taking a look at my photographs and I hope you don't mind the fact that I am sharing my holiday!If you're looking to visit Praia Da Rocha, leave a comment and I'll recommend some restaurants, places you should visit and things you should do (even though we didn't do/visit too much - it was a relaxing holiday, really). We stayed at a lovely hotel called 'Hotel Oriental' - we had two different little appartments, one for my parents and one for my sister and me and it was a perfect solution as we were close, but still had our privacy. The hotel was beautiful. It wasn't all inclusive but we did have breakfast though, which was delicious with a great variety of fruits which is great! The pool wasn't too big but I don't mind because I prefer the sea - which was only 100m away from the hotel. Amazing.


  1. Beautiful pictures! So glad you had a fun time! Portugal looks very gorgeous!

  2. Lovely pictures! :) I miss the sun as well :( Feels like summer is gone already!

  3. I have to admit, I'm a little in love with your theme! The lemon colour is just too cute! How did you come up with your blog name? It's so creative.
    Savannah //

  4. This makes me want to go to Portugal so bad! Great post!

    Malensu x

  5. wow! beautiful photos! <3 xx

  6. Your pictures are lovely :) I've never been to Portugal but I love the Netherlands :)

  7. Beautiful pictures :) Looks like you had an amazing time in Portugal :)

  8. Beautiful photos and the dishes looks so yummy. Thx for sharing your precious moments with us.

  9. Gorgeous photos, looks like a great time !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  10. These pictures are insanely beautiful, I could really feel the warmth in them. I completely understand what you mean about coming home from an amazing holiday, it's bittersweet. I'm looking forward to the next post!

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  11. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to go back on holiday now haha! x

  12. OMG! I loved the photos!!! Nicest landscape!
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