Running: My Routine & Equipment

I have never been a really sporty person but I started running pretty regularly about 6 months ago. I have had some really bad pain in my lower leg and it has just recently faded away, so I tried picking up my routine again.

I don't have awesome equipment or special shock absorbent shoes which'll make me run like a cheetah or anything but it is good enough for me and my 2, maybe 3 times weekly runs.

In case you were thinking of picking up running (or just trying to find some fitness/health inspiration/motivation), this is what I like doing and what I use for my running excercises.

- I always start with a little warming up. You have to do this to avoid being hurt after your workout. I always stretch my muscles (I place my foot against a wall, flat, and stretch it until I feel my muscles tighten). You can find some more warming up excercises on the internet - just don't forget to do those!
- After doing my little warming up, I don't start running immediately: I walk for a bit, then start walking a bit faster and once I feel ready I start jogging.
- I like to vary between jogging and running: I love the feeling of running fast but I simply can't do this longer than, say, 60 seconds.
- After being outside for, say, 20 minutes, I head back home again. I don't run for 20 minutes straight, I change between walking, jogging and running. Sometimes my workouts last for 10 minutes, sometimes for 30 - it just depends on my mood, my energy levels and how much I'm feeling like exercising that specific day.

Like I said, I don't have any fancy running materials. I always wear my Nike running shoes - I used to run with my Nike skater shoes and that was the worst time of my short running career ever, my feet and legs and just my whole body all hurt so badly. Running was just so much easier after changing to real running shoes!
I was at Primark when I bought a sports bra and this really makes a difference - I would've never thought it would really make a difference but it just feels so much better - no more back pains after running!
I always wear different shorts & tops as I don't believe they have to be extremely fancy - I was wearing this Nike Dry Fit shirt (which is nice, you don't feel any sweat - the shirt absorbs it all) and Primark shorts.
I don't have anything like a special running hairdo (my hair is so short at the moment I don't even have to tie it up) and I wear my Marshall headphones/iPhone earbuds (which drop out of my ears every 10m or so).

The app I use for running is RunKeeper and I have been using it for so long now - I absolutely adore it. I use the free version as I am not in need of the paid version but the free version is so awesome I think it could be a paid-for app just as well. It keeps track of your location, tells you how much you've been running, for how long, your average pace, how many calories you've burnt et cetera.. and all of this for free. This is not sponsored or anything - I just genuinely recommend this and if you'd like to start running, I'd definitely use this app. It is such a huge motivation (you can even allow push notifications which'll motivate you to do a quick run) and you can register activities besides running, too. It's available for iPhones and for Android phones, too, I believe - if you are the owner of a smartphone and would like to start running - I don't even recommend this, I force you to (hehe) - download this app.

Like I said - I have never been a really sporty girl but I wanted to start working on my body and my general health so I picked up running. I don't want a subscription to a gym as I don't think I'd be a regular visitor and that'd be a waste of money.
Another thing I love about running is absorbing nature, looking around, seeing things you'd normally never see. I sometimes just stop running, look around, absorb the beautiful things I see - the sun, little bees on flowers, people smiling (this sounds like a Louis Armstrong song) - but I really do and I think it's wonderful. The feeling of catching your breath after an exhausting run is wonderful, too (after the horrible gasps for air, of course).

Here are some snapshots I took during one of my runs - they aren't wonderful as I obviously don't run with my 60D around my neck, but I do carry my iPhone for my favorite tunes (and RunKeeper, obviously).

Do you like running/working out on a regular basis? In case you do - which app do you use for keeping track of your statistics (or do you just use an old-fashioned watch) - or are you way ahead of me and use something like a FitBit? Let me know in the comments - I'd like to know! x


  1. I would run if I had that gorgeous path to run on. I've got dirt, trees that provide ZERO shade, and more dirt here in Arizona. lol

  2. I got bad knees but I try to run a few times a week and if not I go for powerwalks almost every day. I love the feeling after a good run!

  3. Ooh this is a cool post :) I love running - there is just so much freedom in it :) I need to get some new trainers though! I don't use any app though, I just keep track of the time and when I really think my body needs to rest :) I love going to the gym as well but I'm waiting for uni to start back up again to rejoin :)

  4. These are really good tips, good running shoes are so important! I love running too but haven't been going very much at the moment, I need to start going again!
    emmerliejay x

  5. so lucky! the scenery is gorgeous!

  6. With that scenery I would probably go running too. Or maybe walking :D
    I'm so bad at running, I think I have the wrong breathing technique so I always get side stitch..
    But great tips and great pictures :)
    x Martina

  7. Nice post.Really like it! :)
    Antonella <3

  8. Nice post! I'm like you - not sporty at all! I got most of my running equipment from Forever 21, they're really good for fitness clothing, if you have a store near you, I'd defiantly recumbent checking it out! When I run, I don't like the bulk of carrying a phone so I just use the nike fitness feature in my iPod. I'll have to try this app! xx