Some Summer Shopping

Good day! I am heading off to Portugal today and I had to do some last bits of shopping - I didn't really know what I wanted to buy, I just went shopping in the hope of finding some nice and cheap items. I did! The summer sales are on now and I absolutely love it when items are on sale - especially in the beginning when all the nice items are still in stores. 

These shorts were on sale for 7 euros - they used to be 25 euros.

Don't believe the skirt's price was reduced but it was still not that expensive - and I just adored the pattern of it (I adore anything floral)! Think this'll look so cute with the following shirt tucked into it, combined with my white low Dr Martens (been talking about it for so long but I adore them).

Love the pattern on this top - it's not a top I normally would've bought but I love the combination of black and red and I thought I was in need of some flowy tops for Portugal. This one wasn't expensive either - like I said, I love sale shopping and cheap shopping in general!

By the way, I recently made a trip to Ikea (love doing that - they have such nice cake & tea and visiting the store just really inspires me, is this weird?) and I bought some candles and they are SO GOOD. It are pineapple scented candles and I've never smelled anything this good. I didn't even light them yet but my whole room smells like pineapples (by the way, I think there are more scents than just pineapple but I have no idea what 'Lugnt' means, any Swedish readers who can help me out?!)

I am done shopping for Portugal - don't need anymore clothes as I still have some summer leftovers from left year & I hope to be spending every day at the beach with only my bikinis but I thought these few items were cute for days of exploring the village we are staying in.

And oh, by the way, I am seriously thinking of taking a candle with me in my suitcase. SO. GOOD.


  1. LOVE those shorts!! Can't wait for it to be summer again!! xx

  2. I love the shorts, I have been obsessed with daisy prints for a while now. I've never thought about buying candles at Ikea but I must try to x

  3. I love the shorts! So cuteeee!!


  4. Those shorts are so cute!! Plus you're definitely not the only one who loves shopping at Ikea, it's so easy to wander round and lose a few hours xx

    Megan /

  5. I'm swedish and I'm here to help you! Lugnt means calm. And if it smells like pineapple I'll probably love it too. x

  6. Love the patterns - especially on the shorts! And who doesn't love a sale...haha
    Have a beautiful week love <3

    Jessica | streetandsheer

  7. Loving all the prints im such a fan of great patterns!

    Much love xxx

  8. All those clothes are so cute ! I love summer clothing shopping !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  9. Your picks look perfect for your trip to Portugal!! The shorts are wonderful and I also love the shirt!!

    ♘ ♘

  10. Your shorts are so pretty, I love a good floral pattern! I love wandering around Ikea too! Their Daim cake is glorious :)

    Louise /

  11. I loove sales too, but sometime's it's so hard to find things!

  12. Love what you got :) those shorts are so pretty
    have a great time in Portugal sweetie :)

  13. Your shorts are too cute!
    Keep in touch!
    xx Amanda