4 Body Butters: The Body Shop

I absolutely love The Body Shop, and if you have been reading my blogposts for a while you must be aware of this little fact - just search for 'Body Shop' on my blog. Buying a body butter for myself is something I don't do too often - but when I buy one for myself I want to make sure I love it. I currently have four body butters - all of them lovely and all of them perfect for a specific occasion.

The Almond body butter is my newest purchase - and my best one. I love the scent - it's a little bit sweeter than the taste/scent of regular almonds and it makes me think of Christmas and candles and happiness. It nourishes my skin and it soaks in quite quickly for a body butter - I usually apply it after taking a bath, and the scent stays on for quite some time which is a plus for me. I hate it when I apply a product which should smell nice and does actually smell nice - but stops smelling nice after a few hours. This one doesn't do that. Yay!

I adore the Coconut body butter but it's not an autumnal scent. I wore it a lot in the summer but I think I'll put it away for when the temperatures start getting a bit more acceptable. The scent is much, much stronger than the Almond body butter - whenever I'm wearing the body butter, the only thing I hear is 'huh? Coconuts?' - anyways, like I said: this is what a body butter should do. And about the scent itself: like the name says, it smells like coconuts - nothing more, nothing less. And I love it!

Passion Fruit
I have a weird relationship with this body butter (and it's even weirder that I have a relationship with my body butter in the first place) - I usually love the scent but sometimes it just really puts me off. I don't know what it is - it might be my mood, I have no idea. It smells like a passionfruit smoothie and if it were a liquid, I'd drink it. Sometimes. Hehe. This one doesn't soak in as easily as the other body butters but that doesn't matter - as it's a summery scent you'd probably be wearing less clothes so it wouldn't matter!

Brazil Nut
This body butter is quite versatile - it's lovely for the winter but it can be quite fresh for the summer as well. Don't get me wrong - it isn't the freshest body butter in the shop but wearing the body butter feels clean and warm. I don't know how I should explain the scent - the 'nut' body butters which seem to be quite hot at this very moment are quite hard to explain as I wouldn't know how a brazil nut smells or tastes (can you even eat them?!). The Body Shop is having the same problem as me - it describes the body butter as 'nutty'.  

I hope you liked this little combined review! I didn't want to review every body butter seperately as they are not extraordinary enough for that - but I still wanted to write about them because I simply love them! I don't use body butters on a daily basis - they take so much longer to sink in than a body lotion or body spray but I love using them on a pamper evening. Not using them on a daily basis makes using body butters feel more special, luxurious and enjoyable!


  1. Whenever I smell the passionfruit one I just want to eat it! Have you tried grapefruit? Thats my favourite.


  2. Ik denk dat mijn favoriet van deze passievrucht zou zijn! Maar mocht ik moeten kiezen, doe mij maar framboos of chocolade :)

  3. I love the Body Shop Body Butters, I usually have the Strawberry one! Abi :)

  4. Coconut is possibly one of my favourites because it just smells so good, definitely must try out the others now :)

  5. I don't often buy body butters but a couple of years ago, I feel in love with a cherry one (red tub) that also had a lip balm that I used all the time. Do you know which on I mean? The Body Shop is such a lovely smelling shop and like lush, it's very addictive!
    Holly x

    Inky Quill and Paper

  6. I'm obsessed with Body shop body butters - they're pretty much the only ones I use. I just finished up the Almond one and I really loved the scent. I'm also really into the olive one for a more subtle scent.

    Drea xo

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  8. Just stumbled across your blog I love it! I adore body shop body butters I love the peach and passion fruit scents! Xx

    Beauty Girl

  9. I L O V E your blog! The style is amazing, really!
    I'm jealous! :) Good job

  10. I've got the coconut as well, it's perfect for summer! I really want to pick up the Shea body butter as well now when the weather is getting colder since it's so moisturizing!