7 Beautiful & Free Blogger Templates + Tips

There are a few things which are highly likely when you're reading this. 1. You're a blogger. 2. You love free stuff. 3. You are too lazy to look them up yourself. That sounds kind of mean - but it isn't. I personally love looking on the internet for blogger templates as I like customizing my personal blog but many templates are either a) very expensive or b) very ugly - and as I don't like option a or option b I must go for option c: the free, but still quite beautiful templates. I have composed a little list with 7 of my favourites for you today - with a link to the site on which you can download it. I hope you like this!

A pretty picture to make this article a little less boring for when you're not either 1) a blogger or 3) lazy. I didn't add 2 because there is no person on this planet who doesn't love free stuff.

This is a pretty white/minimalistic theme with a touch of pink every now and then. I think this template would be perfect for those who like showing their beautiful pictures but still want the focus to be on their words: this template is perfect for that purpose. If you click here you can see a demo of the theme. This is where you download the theme.

I personally love this template but it doesn't go well together with my usual writing & photography style. It's a very minimalistic theme as well, but without a touch of pink this time. I think this layout is perfect for when you want the focus of your blog to be on your words, rather than on your photographs - but you want the photographs to be visible as well. I like how the first letter is big for every article and I like the huge banner at the top of the page. This is the demo and you can download the template right here.

This is a really professional looking theme. It doesn't really add that much personality to your blog but I do like the modern and quick feel it has. I think it'd be perfect for travelers, looking to share their photographs and words in a modern and responsive environment. This here is the demo and if you like the demo you can download the template right here.

This is my personal favourite. I personally love blogs with a few rows of pictures, enabling you to choose which article you'd like to read - and giving you more structure in doing so. This theme has this and it also has a really nice banner at the top. This is the demo, you can download this template here

A very, very high quality and professional Blogger template - I think it'd be perfect for tech sites or something like that. This here is the demo and you can download it right here

This template makes me think of news sites, or magazine sites. It looks amazing and it's one of those themes that can really enhance one's photography. You can look at the demo right here and if you click here you'll be redirected to the direct download site.

The last one - and I think this would be perfect for any fashion/beauty blogger out there. It's a 3-column theme with the articles underneath the 3 columns and it just looks really, well, fancy. You can show your beautiful pictures but your best articles and your social network links as well - which I think is a huge pro for a template. You can download the template here if you liked the demo which you can find here

Those are the best free Blogger templates on the web - if you'd ask me. Some of you might think it's really hard to change your current and possibly standard Google template to a fancier one, but it really isn't. If you want to change your template, go to your Blogger Dashboard. Then go to 'Template', which is on the left hand side of your screen. Click it and then click on Back-up/Restore - before adding your new template make sure to backup your current one for when it goes wrong. You will have - like the word says - a backup. Browse your computer and click on the one you downloaded - and upload it. Your blog will now be different! If there are certain parts of the new template you don't like - some templates have options for customizing it like you would with a standard Google theme but others don't. When you can't and you'd like to remove a column, for instance, look for it in the HTML code (CTRL+F and search a word you think'd be a reference to the part of your template) and remove it/change width, height, colour and stuff like that. 

If you don't know how to do that you can ask me in the comment box (I have very little knowledge of HTML codes and such but I'd like to at least try and help you!). 

Thanks for reading this and I hope it was helpful. If you have suggestions for other readers (or me!) make sure to leave a comment!


  1. Your new theme is really nice!

    I've also nominated you for the One Lovely blog Award! full details here; http://lennylikestoblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html#more

    Malensu x

  2. This was a really helpful post! I've been away from my blog for a while because of school but I'm always finding ways in which I can make the layout presentable x


  3. I love the Layla template. It looks so professional. Thanks for this post!


  4. Lovely post, so useful - thankyou! Abi :)

  5. I can get lost in looking at new themes so I try to refrain myself from doing that too often. And I'm really happy with my current theme.

  6. I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS. Thank you! I'm always looking for a new theme that's free and awesome!!

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  8. I got a while now a free template bc I don't have the money to invest on one & actually it looks really good. I had seen this one's & I agree they are really good one's. I recommend to anyone to try them it will make their blog look pleasant for the readers eyes & will make you happy.

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust x