7 Reasons To Drink More Green Tea

Hello there! Winter is just around the corner (okay, a few more months - but hey, who minds?!) and the time for tea and cookies will be there again. I personally love this time - for a few reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that I can drink tea again, without sweating my face off or having to wait for the temperatures to drop. I love green tea, and green tea has some benefits I'd like to share!

1. It helps protect your liver from alcohol
We all know alcohol isn't the most healthy type of beverage on earth - but green tea helps your liver to digest the alcohol better. If you decide to go out and have a few drinks, consider drinking a green tea as well - this really helps your liver!

2. It prevents tooth decay
I always hear 'tea is bad for your teeth!' - but it turns out that green tea isn't that bad for your teeth after all. Oh, and by the way - it cures your bad breath as well! 

3. Boosts your immunity against ilnesses
If you drink a few cups of tea every day, your immune system will be better, so you won't get sick as easily!

4. Hydrates you better than water
Water is delicious when you're thirsty - but not really when you just want a drink. Green tea turns out to be really rehydrating - even more rehydrating than plain water. 

5. It burns fat & enables you to exercise longer
In other words: it boosts your metabolism. Fat will be burned faster and you'll be able to last longer when exercising.

6. It prolongs your life
Yep! It's a fact! You'll live longer when you drink green tea. (I added it to the list but I personally don't like facts like these. Who says you don't get run over by a car?! Anyways - if you don't, you'll live longer.)

7. Lowers stress
A cuppa green tea will make you more relaxed.

Some people do not like the taste of green tea. I personally love it - and it's a possibility that you just have to learn to drink it. If you still don't like it, even after a few cups, you can add some sugar/honey - added sweetness won't make the positive effects go away. You could also try green tea with an added flavour - some examples are green tea with lemon, or green tea with jasmine. I loved those and the effects are the same!

I used to love coffee but at a certain point I realized I didn't like the taste at all - I always added milk and sugar or syrup. I wanted an alternative I could drink naturally and buy just as easily as coffee - and green tea was my solution. It is so healthy and I love the taste so much - I wanted to share the benefits with you! Do you like green tea? 


  1. I tried the arizona green tea with honey and supprisngly loved it, although I do like the pomegranate green tea more though! I only like drinking iced tea kinda things though x


  2. Green Tea is one of my favorites.. You should try "Lemon Grass" tea, I've been drinking that all week.


  3. Green tea is absolutely great!

    Malensu x

  4. aw i wish i liked green tea, the health benefits of it are so good! x

  5. I love green tea and I guess this gives me more reason to keep drinking it.
    xx, jodi

  6. I really do love green tea. I always drink green tea with cactuses. It sounds like a weird mix, but it is insanely tasty. So do try it. - I think you won't be disappointed.