A New Watch: Axcent Of Scandinavia

Hello there! Looking for a new battery of my beloved Fossil watch as the time was running out - I came across this watch I adored from the moment I saw it. It is so different from my former everyday-watch: it's black, it's sleek, it's modern, it's shiny - I had to have it. Where some people love wearing bracelets, I love wearing watches and whenever I'm in a jewelry store I can stare at the watch section for hours / I was seduced by the prettiness of this watch when I was doing so.

I like how the watch doesn't have any numbers on it's front: it makes the watch look elegant. The watch is black-and-white which is different from every other piece of jewelry I own: I usually tend to go for brown shades - but this is a nice change.

A colour photo of the watch - but it doesn't change too much about the watch as there is no colour in it. As you can see the edges are silver which makes the watch reflective. This watch wasn't so expensive - my Fossil was a birthday gift but I gave this watch to me as a gift for, well, being alive, I guess? - anyway, this is the website for the company if you'd like to check it out. Do you wear a watch or do you just check your phone? (or a clock, hehe)