Honeybush Mango Lemon & Lychee Love Tea

Where some people love finding new coffees they love, new sodas they like or new alcoholic beverages they really enjoy drinking - my thing is finding new teas I love. I recently visited a Simon LĂ©velt shop and picked up 2 new favourites of mine. Both teas are really different and both teas are very, very good.

This first tea (the picture above this piece of text) is 'Lychee Love' - a sweet tea with Lychee and pieces of strawberry. This tea is perfect for when you're having lunch: it's sweet but the taste is not overpowering. The water doesn't get really dark and the tea is not really strong but it is very good and an 'easy' tea to drink.The second tea, 'Honeybush Mango Lemon', (^) is my favourite tea. This tea is a bit heavier: it's a perfect tea for when you're lying in bed, reading a book - and you'd rather be drinking hot chocolate milk but you're trying to watch the calories. It's a heavy and sweet tea but the lemongrass compensates it a bit. It's a herbal tea with honey, mango, orange and lemongrass. The water gets a bit darker than the Lychee Love tea's water so this tea is much better when consumed individually instead of next to a tasty meal/dinner/breakfast.

I love the fact that the tea store is not only a store but also a coffeeshop: I first had a cup of tea, and then decided I'd love to have that specific tea at home. The store is a few doors away  so I didn't realize it was the same one in the first place so it was a nice surprise! Anyway - if you ever happen to be in Utrecht, hop by this shop as it sold the best tea I've ever had. X!

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  1. The lychee love one sounds so nice, I love fruity teas.