Mint Lip Roll-On Lipbalm by The Body Shop

Hello everybody! Today would be the winner of a lazy Sunday award - if there were one. All I did today was read, watch Suits (my new favorite series) and eat. I love days like these so much.
Anyway - I went to a The Body Shop store a few days ago and I picked up two things. An Almond Body Butter (which I adore - I've used it every day since I got it) and a Mint Lip Roll On.

I love everything The Body Shop produces - and this little product here is no exception. I was looking for a new lip gloss/lip balm - not because I needed a new one, but because, you know - a girl needs a new lip balm every now and then. I love mint-scented products and I saw this one and I bought it because I wanted to try something different, from your normal lip balm in a little container. This one rolls onto your lips smoothly and leaves them nourished and hydrated for an hour, I'd say - but that doesn't matter because applying the roll on is an absolute pleasure. The substance makes your lips tingle a little bit, in the good refreshing way and it leaves a taste just like Mentos. 

The package contains 10 ml, which seems to be much. It was 3 euros which I think is a good price for a basic lip roller that does the job - and smells nice and feels nice at the same time. I'd definitely recommend the product.

(Yes, the product is on my e-reader. I have been downloading new books and I'm stuck. I'm open to suggestions! I love any kind of book - especially thrillers and psychological books.)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


  1. This looks and sounds lovely! I bet it does make your lips tingle a bit like you say though haha! Abi :)

  2. I also love The Body Shop! Their products are usually of great quality. Their smell is also unbelievable, I feel like eating all the body creams whenever I'm shopping ahah If you want a book to read I would definitely recommend 'Not that kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham :) She's just awesome! love,Jo.