My Tips For Making Your Blog Prettier

Good day there everybody! If you are reading this, the chances that you have & maintain a blog are very high - as you've probably been redirected by Bloglovin' or Blogger. Having a blog means wanting to make your blog as attractive as possible - and taking pretty pictures is a big part of this. I got my first digital camera about 7 years ago and I've been obsessed with photography eversince - I must've taken millions of photographs since I started.

Photography is wonderful but it is hard when you're just getting started. I won't focus on photography in this blogpost (I'll write one about just tips for photography if you'd like me to) but I'll try to give you some tips in order to make your blog more attractive for your readers.

I joined Instagram, by the way! My username is @lemontierres - I will check out your photographs if you follow me as I am so desperate for a decent photofeed!

1. White Backgrounds
If you're reviewing a product, using a white background can be attractive - and some people take the prettiest pictures of just the object. However, those basic-product photos can get boring and if they were not taken with good lighting they just won't look good. Adding extra objects which relate to the object you're photographing can spice the photograph up. For example, if you're taking a photograph of a really cute-looking, sweet-scented perfume, add some colourful sweets to the scenery in order to 1. make the photograph look more attractive and 2. enhance the words you're trying to get to your viewers. Get out of your comfort zone.

2. Choose Your Lighting
This can be quite hard, as days are getting shorter and so are the hours available for taking bright pictures. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, though! Little lights in the background create 'bokeh' - this creates an ultimate autumn-feeling. If you're photographing your face, try to have the light as natural as possible as the product you're reviewing will come across as real as possible. Lighting doesn't have to be a limitation, though - you can play with it, and sometimes 'bad' light conditions create the most interesting and amazing photographs.

3. Clean up!
A dirty desk or a pile of clothes in the background of your outfit photos is never attractive for your readers. Finger prints on high-shine objects simply look gross. I can think of many more examples, but also remember to take a look at what is surrounding the main object of the photo - it's not where the main focus is on, but it's a huge part of the photograph. (I must say I sometimes am too lazy. A 'pretty' mess can sometimes even make your photograph more interesting, by the way!)

4. Try different angles!
Whenever I am stuck I always try to adjust my position and the position of the things I'm photographing - as taking photographs for a longer period of time can create tunnel vision - which'll limit your creativity.

5. Be Creative...
...with what you have! You don't have to buy new, expensive things in order to make your photographs look more interesting. You can use clothes as backgrounds of product photography - a cute cardigan can make a photo really autumny - you can use things you already have as decorative materials. I'm currently sitting at my desk and I see a watch, some make-up, perfume bottles and a pile of books. All these things wake up my creativity and make me want to grab my camera & take some photos!

I am not a professional - I have never taken a cursus or course in photography - but I am eager to learn and try to challenge myself every day. I hope these tips helped you out! I'm thinking of writing posts like these more often as I am so passionate about photography but feel like I don't talk about it enough.

(I didn't really focus on outfit/outdoors photography as a huge part of my blog is taking photographs indoors - if you'd like me to give some tips on outdoors photography just leave a comment and I'll share them!)


  1. thanks so much for posting a comment on my blog ! I 'm so happy to discover your blog : i love it already, it's very pretty and the content is looking super interesting as well.
    I'll make sure to follow you as best as I can (with uni, it's not very easy, but ...!)

    Love from France!

  2. Lovely post and great tips! I agree with the lighting I think for me it's the most important thing! Abi :)

  3. Love getting advice where ever I can. I can always relate some of it to what I need. Thank you for sharing
    xx, Jodi

  4. Such great tips!:)
    Thank you so much for sharing!:)
    The Journeys' of My Beating Heart

  5. i think the photography is my favorite part about blogging, to me its just fun and i can get really creative with it.

  6. That is some great piece of advice that i never come across, hopefully gonna some use it in the near future

    PS:Your blog is amazing! Thank you for visiting mine and following mine! xo

  7. This tips are very usufull
    i always have problem with the light! Whatever i do i just can capture it right :/


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