Outrageous Oxygen - Powder Mask - Dr Van Der Hoog

Good day everybody! As I am sitting here, crumbs of my currently drying face mask are falling into my slightly wide pajama shirt - two things I love that just don't go together.

I like applying a mask to my face every now and then and today's choice was Dr Van Der Hoog's Outrageous Oxygen Powder Mask. It's a cleansing and refreshing powder mask.

Before I start: this doesn't look like a lot - but when I made the mask by adding a few droplets of water, I realized it was way too much. When applying the mask I applied it really thickly (as throwing the mask away is a waste of, well, mask) but you could use this mask with 2, maybe even 3 friends of yours.

Applying the mask is a pleasure - the substance is still a bit warm because of the hot water you mixed the mask with. Your fingers do get messy, though - so make sure you're not wearing your best sweater!

The smell of the mask is not too overpowering - it smells a bit sweet but not too sweet.

As the mask gets quite clay-y (how should I write that?!), laughing and talking gets harder - but I personally love this feeling! It feels like the mask is actually doing something. After about 20 minutes of waiting, I rinsed my face with lukewarm water and dried it (carefully! The skin is really sensitive after the mask). They advice you putting a lotion on your face after using the mask, so I did - and my skin feels so young, healthy and soft right now (I stopped typing in order to remove the mask).

I have used many different masks but this one feels like it's actually doing something - and I love it. The price isn't too high, 2 euros or someting like that - and if you don't mix all the powder you can even use it twice! I'd definitely recommend this one as it's a relaxing and lovely mask.


  1. Aw you look so cute with the mask on! Haha. Great review.


  2. Those pictures of you did make me giggle. Does this mask help with blemishes and such?

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

    1. It does really help - it's not like they disappear right after you use this mask but it does help my skin when it's in need. X

  3. Wow that mask looks amazing! So thick and can't believe it cracks like that - wow! Abi :)

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