The Saviour Of My Skin

My skin has never been the best skin and I have been trying to fix my skin for as long as I can remember. I used every agressive cleanser you could think of and I tried everything - and then I decided to stop trying. I went natural, changed my daycream to coconut oil, started using aloe vera / I wrote some articles about this before. Changing my routine helped a little bit but I wanted more - so I tried drinking more water - but water simply isn't the most delicious drink available. I wanted to make water a bit more attractive and I wanted to combine this with a positive extra - and this is what I did!

In order to drink more water and in that way cleanse my body, I always carry a water bottle around. I not ever leave the house without it. I bought a good steel bottle which I'll be able to use for some time and which doesn't leak. Making taking a water bottle with you everywhere you go a habit makes you 1) save some money - as buying drinks is more expensive, and 2) makes drinking water regularly easier, as sipping from a bottle when you're thirsty is tempting.

To make the water more delicious I always add some fresh lemon slices. The released juices make the water taste good and it has many positive sides to it. Drinking lemon water helps your digestion and it cleans your system. Drinking lemon water also boosts your metabolism and it helps your immune system - something that is quite important when the weather is starting to get worse and worse! Another advantage is that it'll freshen your breath - so if you don't have any gum simply take a sip of your lemon water. Drinking lemon water has many more advantages but these personally are the most important for me as I'm not interested in weight loss et cetera. 
Drinking tea is another great solution as well - but I don't always have the possibility to drink tea (at school et cetera). Another great option is adding different fruits to your water (strawberries, water lemon, oranges..) but I don't always have the possibility to add those fruits to my water (changing seasons and buying local fruits..) and lemon just has so many benefits!

Drinking water instead of soda or sugared drinks is so much healthier - you don't put as many bad ingredients into your body and you clean your body by flushing it with water. Drinking water can be hard - it sounds so silly when I say 'drinking water is hard' but I think we can all agree. Whenever I have the choice I'd rather go for a delicious and cold and refreshing coke - but sometimes you have to think of what you pour into your body. I always preferred sugared drinks but quitting the sugared drinks has been a good change. I feel that my skin is getting better and healthier looking and I feel more energized during the day / two things I'd happily quit my sugared drinks for.

As an explanation of the title of this article: lemon water has been the saviour of my skin. I never knew what to do - I always thought 'if I just change my day- and nightcream-routine my appearance will change' but it never did - and that is when I realized beauty really comes from the inside. Regulating what you put in your body can really change your appearance - more than any foundation ever could.


  1. this is so true ! I have a very good routine for my skin (with a lot of natural products as well) but drinking is always making a huge difference.
    I drink a loooot of tea (maybe 3 cups a day) and water when I can. I like to add some lemon to it as well times to times :)
    Great post!

  2. That is such a good idea! I always try to drink plenty of water but it just isn't that interesting - adding lemon seems like a really cool way to make it less bland, I will definitely be giving that a try! :) x

  3. Lemon water is so delicious and refreshing and I've increased by water intake by, well, A LOT because of it!

    I need to start carrying a bottle with me as well, that's a great idea :)

  4. I used to put lemon juice on my fave with cotton wool as it's meant to lighten your skin but it never worked with me, need to drink more water though! Abi :)

  5. Such a helpful and interesting post! I never leave the house without a bottle of water now either, and it's so handy, plus really good for you too! x

  6. Water has actually been my favourite drink for a pretty long time now but whenever someone mentions the benefits of drinking water for their skin I wonder whether that's different for different people. My skin just isn't exactly the best and I'd really say I drink enough water...

  7. This post is so helpful! I understand what do you mean 'drinking water can be hard'! It's hard for me to get used to it, but I'll try to add lemon! :)

  8. I don't drink hardly enough water, I can go days without drinking it at all! I don't ever pack a bottle with me though, it may be the trick ;)