A Peek Into My Stylebook

Good day everybody! I love looking through magazines and I used to have a huge pile of 4 of being subscribed to Glamour. I wanted to get rid of this enormous obstacle in my room but I didn't want to throw it all away - and that is how my Stylebook was born some time ago. I cut out my favourite images for photography & fashion inspiration and I'd like to share some of my favourite pictures in this book with you. Oh - and I'm constantly updating this book so if you like this idea, let me know and I'll post a Stylebook 2.0!

Please note that none of the pictures depicted were actually taken by me. 

I don't have a specific theme I particularly like / and the colours in the pictures are not the same as well / but I do think I like natural and vintage photographs and photographs which have interesting elements - like the pierced girl you can see in the second last photograph. I called it my 'Stylebook' and it is - in some way / every photograph is a fashion photograph / but I don't always love the outfits and I am not only inspired by the clothes the models are wearing. I have one problem though: I want to continue working on my book but I don't have any fashion magazines left! I'm thinking of subscribing to another magazine (I ended my Glamour subscription) but I am not certain yet. If you have any interesting magazine recommendations - let me know! X


  1. This is such a great idea, I think I might try it as well! I love how you cut different shapes, it's like you assembled a new work of art using images that were already beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much! You should try it. It's a fun thing to do and you can use it for inspiration afterwards!

  2. I think magazine imagery is the best way to get style inspiration!

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. I really like this idea. I have something similar to this except I also include my ideas in it or some personal things. Great post.


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  5. Nice post, I like the photos, they are really inspiring :)


  6. This is lovely and such a cool idea, I love the pink outfit! Abi :)

  7. wauw lovely! je hebt een prachtige blog ik ga je volgen via bloglovin! liefs

  8. Love your blog, I followed you! Please do follow back :)