I Forget Where We Were

I love rock music with loud guitars and snappy drums but I sometimes need a little bit of peace & quiet - and that's when I change to Ben Howard. He recently released his new album, 'I Forget Where We Were' and I now love it - but I didn't at first.

My first abord with the album was with the song 'I Forget Where We Were' - and I hated it. I'd been expecting so much but I thought it was too 'big' and loud for a Ben Howard song. I didn't listen to it in my usual environment, though - I was driving to work or something / so I decided to give it another shot at home and I gradually started loving the song.

When the new album came out I found out it was different but a nice kind of different. My favourite songs of the first album were Esmerelda, Black Flies and Another Love. My favourites of this album are 'I Forget Where We Were', Conrad and 'End Of The Affair'.

I love how Ben Howards are never completely clear / they leave you wondering, like a poem does.
As a child he was not there,
Not scared of the flood or the creek
And the thud inside your chest
Clearly calm and keeping terrorized
The ageless pull of winter along the by your side


  1. I wasn't too thrilled with it at first either, I'll give it another listen now...


    1. And what did you think after giving it another listen? ^^

  2. I totally agree. Think it has something to do with the expectations since his previous work has been pure gold.

    P.S really like your blog, It's going on my reading list for sure!


    1. I agree with you - the first album was absolutely amazing so the expectations were so extremely high.. and an artist almost never succeeds to live up to those expectations. But after giving the album another chance I do think Ben has done a good job!
      And thank you very much! I will check out your blog as well! ^^