My Life At The Moment

Hello there everybody! Okay - this won't be a review or a photography post or anything like that but I just felt like talking to somebody - and that somebody turned out to be a something and that something turned out to be my computer.

If you are a fervent reader of my blog (if you are: thank you!) you may know my 'main goal' is to post one blogpost every day. You may have noticed that I missed a few days the last few weeks: and that is because of 1) a lack of time and 2) a lack of sunshine.

The second reason might sound a bit silly to you: 'a lack of sunshine' sounds like I'm deeply depressed but the days have been getting shorter and shorter and I noticed that every time I got home it was too dark to take pretty pictures. I leave my house when it's dark and I return when it's dark - and school/work isn't the most convenient place to take photographs. Anyway - it's a lame excuse but hey, it's one.

The 'lack of time' can be explained by looking at the picture of my desk you see right above this sorry piece of text. My desk - a place that usually is a place of rest in my head & body for me - is a complete chaos. I'm in my final year and I'm about to go to university - and even though my final exams are still a few months away everybody is freaking out. I used to be very calm, relaxed - but I have been contaminated by my fellow students.
I have so many books to read / essays to write / papers to study / exams to take - and whenever I have some free time I don't have time to take a deep breath and relax / no, I have to start on the thing I have due for tomorrow, because hey, I'm a teacher and I think my subject is the only one you follow! Oh, and when I do find a little bit of free time I have to study for my driver's ed (which I really enjoy, by the way. Who knew driving a car could be so much fun?!).

Even though I sound completely freaked out, much of my time is spent well. I like writing creative essays and I enjoy reading good books so many things aren't exactly a problem for me: it's just the upcoming few months that are so unknown and new to me.

I visited some open days of universities in The Netherlands and I am almost 100% certain of my choice of study. I'll be visiting a first year student of the study I have in mind next Monday and I'm pretty excited about that! I took my camera with me the past few trips to Amsterdam (I am going to study in Amsterdam) but I always take a few pictures when I'm on the train but neglect my camera during the day. So sad.

I love being on the train, though - I can't imagine how someone could hate it? I mean - there's always so much to do. You can stare out of the window if the view is calming/interesting, listen to the conversations taking place around you, chat a little bit with the person sitting next to you, read a book.. there are so many options. I've never been bored on a train - even though I hate travelling by car (except from when I drive the car myself. I found out I love driving cars, even though I'm not good at it (yet).)

I'm excited to leave school - to start with a new chapter of my life - but I'm a little bit scared though, to be honest. My university of choice is 2 hours away from my hometown so continuing living with my parents is no option for me. What if I won't find a place to live? What if I can't afford everything? What if nobody'll like me, I'll find no friends? - there are so many questions spinning through my head I sometimes find myself wondering about it and panicking a little bit.

What is happening in your life at this moment? I hope you don't mind little posts like this one - as I really like writing about what is happening in my life and sharing it with you guys. Have a lovely day. X


  1. Everyone panics a little bit about leaving home and starting university but everyone else you meet will be in exactly the same boat which means that you sort of all work it out together (and you'll make amazing friends along the way).

  2. Lovely post it's nice to have a little update! Goodluck with everything! Abi :)

  3. Great post... beautify pictures!!

    Chione XX

  4. What an honest post :)
    There are two things I wanted to tell you. I obviously only know what it's like in Germany but
    1) the exams aren't going to be as bad as everyone makes them seem, also your graduation from school is not going to be as important as you feel it is. It's of course important to graduate but the results are nothing anyone is going to ask about at university.
    2) You are going to make friends! I was extremely worried nobody would like me and I would end up alone at uni aswell but honestly it's new for everybody and everybody there wants to get to know new people and find new friends, too.

    I know this won't really take your fear away but maybe I could help a bit. Also I love Amsterdam! I'm a little jealous you get the chance to live there :)

  5. I love heart to heart posts:)
    Eerybody is a little anxious the time they leave home!
    keep up the good work girl!

    The girl with the dreamcatcer tattoo

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and I am absolutely in love (also we use the same theme so I guess that's pretty cool, right?)
    Your deskspace here is so cute and quirky! :)
    Really looking forward to reading more posts of yours,

    Love, Lucy