Rituals Yin & Blossom Water Body Mists (Review)

Hello and goodbye beautiful body mists / I have worn the both of you for about 3 months straight and I didn't even take the time to write about you / and I am sorry about that. And now the colder months are here and I'll have to say goodbye, because you'll be replaced by heavier scents / and I am sorry about that as well.

I felt like writing this little message to my two favourite body mist bottles (ever) - which may be strange but it felt right - as, like I said, these two beauties have been my go-to scents for the warmer months we're all longing to.

Yin Calming Bed & Body Mist
This is a body mist - which is kind of like a perfume but lighter and not as evident as a heavy perfume - and a bed mist at the same time. It smells like organic white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. The bottle promises that it promotes sleep and meditation and even though I normally don't believe in sprays like this (placebo-effects, enough said) - I honestly like this one. The scent is fresh and summery but it's calming and suttle as well, a few of the things I really like in perfumes. 

Cherry Blossom Body Mist
I don't know why but I have a feeling that this body mist is a bit more popular than the Yin body mist - it might be wrong, though. This is not a bed mist and I don't think the scent'd be light enough for your pillow, but it's wonderful as an everyday perfume (this one lasts a little bit longer than the Yin body mist). The top note is floral / and the musk makes the body mist a little bit more exotic and warm. 

I think both bottles are beautiful but I prefer the Blossom Water bottle - I like the fact that you can see how much body mist you have left: a thing the other bottle doesn't allow you to. Both bottles contain 50ml which is acceptable - but I think you'll run out of the perfume pretty quickly if you re-spray every few hours. Because that is what it takes for the scent to fade away: a few hours. I love the scents and they were perfect for the summertime: to add a little bit of sweetness to yourself before entering the exotic temperatures / but I'll switch to a heavier and warmer scent for the colder days. 

Both bottles were about 15 euros.

Have you ever tried a Rituals perfume? Let me know!


  1. I really like lighter body mists, and I know Rituals do some gorgeous scents so I bet these smell amazing :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. Me too! I practically love every Rituals scent! X