A Creative Christmas Tree (DIY)

Good day everybody / This DIY is not my own, it's my mother's. My mother is a creative person and she makes creations like this one for our house every now and then and she asked me if I'd like to share this one with you. You can read about an earlier DIY right here.

This DIY is a Christmassy one: I'm sure you've seen the creative Christmas tree on Tumblr/Pinterest, you name it - and my mother wanted to create something similar for our home.

WHAT YOU NEED- Branches (we used about 20 branches), make sure they're strong!
- A rope
- Something to attach to the wall, which'll safely carry the tree
- A saw, scissors, the basic tools you use
- Protection for your floor (a towel or something)
- Christmas decorations

- Collect your branches and put them on the floor (we used the garage, so the mess was easy to clean up)
- Saw the branches, like a pyramid: each branch getting a bit shorter
- Attach the branches to eachother: spin the rope around the branches and to this for every single branch
- Attach something to the wall: a strong nail will work
- Think of something to attach to your creation which'll safely support the tree. My mother used the rope we used for the tree as well: it enhances the idea of a 'Christmas tree'.
- Carefully pick up the tree you created: make sure to attach the branches to eachother with the rope really safely and securely so it won't fall apart. You'll probably need help for this!
- Once your tree's on the wall it probably won't fall off because it's supported by the wall. You can now start decorating your tree!

Would you like to exchange your original Christmas tree for a more abstract one like ours? Or do you prefer the 'original' Christmas? Let me know in the comments below - X 


  1. wow, it looks fantastic! it'd be perfect for small rooms too that might not be able to fit a traditional christmas tree in :) something to bare in mind for the future perhaps!

    robyn x

  2. LOVE this idea and definitely want to try it out - I saw an almost identical one in a shop window yesterday and told my friends how cool it was.
    I don't think I'd personally substitute it for the main Christmas tree but I think I'd have both in the house - you can never have too many Christmas trees! :)

    Love, Lucy

  3. It is perfect! To be honest I prefer traditional Christmas tree in our living room, I cannot imagine not having it. But during the week I used to live in a flat with my friends and this abstract tree would suit perfectly in there!
    Great inspiration - my Mum is also very creative and talented so she appreciates that, too!


  4. This is so beautiful! I wouldn't want to exchange our cheesy traditional Christmas tree for it but I think a smaller version of this DIQ tree would also make a very pretty Christmas decoration :)


  5. I saw something like this on an interior design show, they attached hooks on to the branches to use it as a storage sort of place. I love your spin on it, looks amazing! X


  6. I love this, its so creative. I think its cool how your mom is creative, thats a nice thing to share together! It looks lovely and festive x


  7. I'd actually prefer this over the normal Christmas trees! Looks amazing :) would be so cute if you made them in smaller versions! :) Em xx