Ben Howard Live In Amsterdam: 20/12

Good day!
I loved Ben Howard's first album and when I saw that he was going to perform live in Amsterdam I had to get a ticket. I decided to buy my little sister one as well for her birthday and we were both very, very excited. In between the ticket-buying and the concert the new album 'I Forget Where We Were' would be released, and when it finally was, I wasn't too thrilled about it, to be honest. I listened to it, forgot about it for a week or so, thought 'well, he's going to play some old songs as well' - but then I felt like listening to some new music and I decided to put his album back on again, and I loved it. I immediately forgot about the old, happier album (except from Black Flies.. adore that song) and I realized this new album was more.. well, real, I suppose.

Anyways - I'll stop typing nonsense as I suppose you're not really interested about my changing feelings about Ben Howard's albums so here is my little report on the amazing day/evening my sister and I had.

We got on the train at around 14:00h and we arrived in Amsterdam at 16:00h so we had some time to kill before the doors would open around 18:30, so we decided to head to the center of the city for a while and have dinner and pay a quick visit to Lush - a shop we don't have near to our home. (My sister loved the scent of my Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly so much she wanted to have it as well!)

2 hours on a train and the only company we had was eachother and Ben Howard music to get ourselves excited 
I love the feeling of walking into the center of Amsterdam 

 Decorations in 'De Bijenkorf' - I think the decorations in their shops are so pretty! This is not the best picture to show it, though (we only went there for the free toilets ;))
Dinner & smoothies @ La Place 
Sjoukje, the red-nosed human 
We had some spare time so we decided to capture the rare occasion of us both being in the mood to take photographs of our faces 
I saw this creation on the Art People Facebook page and I just had to see it in real life by night - and it's amazing!
The time to go to the Heineken Music Hall was finally there! We arrived there at 18:00h and the line was quite long by that time. We waited for another 30 minutes, and they allowed us into the hall, and then...
We waited..
And waited..

The show was amazing (you'll find some more information at the bottom of this post) and after a little bit more than one hour (it felt like 5 minutes!) he and his band left the stage, and it was time for us to go home.
But not without some fan items! (This is my sister's, I bought a beautiful note book - I think I'll mention it in another blogpost) 

I didn't take too many photos of the show because I think it ruins the concert's feeling, but I didn't want to get home without any physical memories. We arrived there pretty early so we only had a few people in front of us - which is great, because I'm not that tall. I couldn't take my camera into the concert hall and I'm glad I couldn't - I would've been more focussed on taking photographs than enjoying the concert - which I now completely did.

Ben ended up playing only 2 songs of his previous album (Every Kingdom) - he played 'The Fear' and 'Black Flies'. 'Black Flies' is my personal favourite from his first album but everybody seemed to love (and know) 'The Fear' - which I thought was kind of sad, because I felt like Ben was trying to set a kind of sad and deep atmosphere. He doesn't like his first album anymore so seeing everybody dance to 'The Fear' must've been a sorry sight: many people prefer the album he doesn't associate with himself and his style anymore. But hey, The Fear sounds really happy so I can't blame anyone. The song just didn't fit into his new album anymore.

The lights were really cool - they filled the complete Music Hall - and the background music was amazing. The supporting programme of the show was 'Hiss Golden Messenger' (yes, Hiss!) and I liked the music but I didn't know any of their songs - which sucked, because nobody really knew the music so there was no real connection with the crowd. They did seem to enjoy their performance, though, and I enjoyed it as well - I just would've enjoyed it more if I had known the songs. Oh, and their drummer was so happy! I don't know why but he cheered up the whole band! Their performance was really good. 

I loved the complete evening and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. <3


  1. Red nose...where? Ben Howard.. I would like to see him live too. Thank you for sharing your experience with us : ) sweet photos.

  2. I went on the 19th! His second concert in Amsterdam :) I absolutely loved it, but just like you I thought it was kind of sad when he played 'The Fear'. People were screaming and dancing and being all loud :/ I felt he didn't really like to play that song at all.
    Oh and the drummer of Hiss Golden Messenger, he was so happy indeed :) everyone was talking about it while they played haha.
    You have such a nice blog by the way.