Happy Socks Make Me Happy

I love the colder seasons because of a few reasons: you can drink enormous amounts of hot chocolate with a legitimate reason, you're allowed to stay at home and watch Mad Men (yep, new addiction..) all day long, and you can wear cosy clothes. Yay! Socks are my favourite part of cosy and comfy clothes: the cuter, the better!

You know I love my Dr Martens (too many blogposts about 'em..) and Dr Martens go with cute socks perfectly: I always feel like longer socks were designed for Dr Martens in particular ;).

www.sokken.nl recently sent me the gift box you can see in the picture above and I love it. The socks are of great quality and the gift box with 4 pairs of socks is really cute - it's be a perfect Christmas gift! (Cool detail: Snoop Dogg designed socks for Happy Socks!)

Thanks for reading this little blogpost and don't forget to check out www.sokken.nl if you feel like treating yourself to a new pair of socks or if you're still looking for cute & cosy Christmas gifts! X Sjoukje


  1. that's so cool! i love fancy socks and doc martens - perfect pair(s) ;)) xo j. Stereo|typically Me

  2. I love socks too. New socks make me happy and cosy ones too

    Lots of hugs,A

  3. Nice sock collection.


  4. Hi! I tagged you for The Christmas Tag! http://starryeyeing.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-christmas-tag.html

  5. Everyone know a thing that happy socks always available in best and unique patterns. the four pairs of socks which you have given here are too cute. I love the most multi colored doted socks. The main quality of these socks that we can wear these with any colored dress due to multi colors dotes in it.