How To Get Started Blogging

I haven't been around in the blogging world for years like some of the famous and experienced bloggers out there, but I'd still like to share my experiences so far. If you don't have a blog and you'd like to start one, here's a guide for what to do and for what you'll probably experience. If you already have a blog - let me know if your experiences are similar to mine!
Choose your platform
Before you start a blog you'll have to decide which 'platform' you're going to use. I personally use Blogger, Google's blogging platform. Another well-known platform is WordPress. The main difference between Blogger and WordPress is: Blogger is completely free, WordPress is free for some time, until you upload more photographs/want to upload videos, et cetera. I chose to start using Blogger as I thought it looked easier than WordPress, and I don't know that much about web hosting et cetera. I didn't want to spend any money on my blog in the beginning, as I didn't know if I'd pursue this, or if anyone would read my blog. The money'd have been wasted if I lost interest after some time.

Create your blog
Coming up with a name for a blog is a very hard thing, these days. Every recognizable and easy name's been taken and you don't want to add unnecessary words/letters/numbers to your blog name. Before 'Lemontierres' I had a blog called 'Paperlemon'. I posted about 10 articles, and I then Googled my name and saw that there was a webshop or something like that called 'Paperlemon'. I didn't want my name to be taken already so I started a new blog and came up with a name without a meaning - but it had 0 results when I Googled it. Try to come up with a name that'll be easy to remember for your readers, and a name that you won't get annoyed by. ( won't be a very convenient website name.)

Choose a category
I personally don't think this is a very important choice to make: I believe a blog is personal so anyone can write about what he/she likes. There's one problem with that, though: your audience. You have to find some 'main interest' of yours to write about: articles about fashion and articles about cars don't go together that well, and the readers of the articles about cars'll probably not like the articles about fashion, and vice versa. Think about this when starting, but I don't think it's crucial. I think it's more important to find your way: to find what you like writing about.
Change the layout of your blog
Customize your blog
Whatever platform you're blogging from, the theme you'll start with is going look simple. You might want to change this to your own liking. WordPress and Blogger both have a variety of themes you can choose from, but there are many more themes to choose from on the internet. You can always change your theme later on, so this is not crucial at this point of your process, but it's nice to experiment with your blog and find out what you like. I personally like what my blog currently looks like: I wanted to have this grid layout I currently have, because I think it's easier to navigate through and it feels like my articles and photographs get 'lost' less quickly.
Many themes are completely free and customizable. If you can't find a free one you like or if you'd like to have a customized blog theme there are many websites on the internet which sell self-made standard blog themes. A reasonable price for that would be $40. A webshop with Blogger/Wordpress themes I really like is Wonder Forest's shop.

It's gonna be hard
My first 20 articles or something had no comments, even views, at all. I put so much time and energy in it but nobody read them. You must realize that it will be like this in the beginning: you'll have to get a following that'll like your articles and will revisit your blog. You'll have to get through this period of time: it may last for months, but once people will actually start reading your blog, commenting on your articles - this will be an inspiration and motivation.

Schedule & stay dedicated
Like the previous paragraph said: it's going to be hard. You'll need some dedication and serious motivation in order to keep on blogging, because creating quality content takes time and this will feel like it's a waste of time if you don't enjoy it. If your readers know 'he/she posts a new article every morning/every Tuesday/every other day', they will visit your site accordingly. If your readers keep on coming back with sometimes no new content and sometimes so many new posts to read that it's not a fun thing to do anymore, they'll most likely stay away. WordPress and Blogger, any platform really, has a great solution for this: a schedule. I personally schedule a new post for every morning so everybody who reads my blog knows 'a new post will be up in the morning'.

Don't force it
Yes, it's true - there are some people on the Internet who can live off the money their blog makes them, and the number of people who're able to do this seems to get higher and higher. You don't have to have this as your goal, though. You shouldn't write about beauty if you're not interested in beauty just because 'the majority of girls likes beauty' - if you write about what you love, this will be visible by looking at your posts. Don't have 'making money' as your goal: you don't start it as a business, you start it as a hobby.

You don't need expensive things
Yes, beautiful photographs attract people - no, you don't need a $1000 camera for this. Most people have a phone and phones nowadays are capable of taking great photographs. If you experiment and make sure the lighting is okay you'll find out that investing a huge amount of money in an expensive camera won't be necessary. Same goes for computers: you don't need a flashy Macbook for editing or something like that. Upgrading, if you have the money, is never a problem: it's just not necessary.

Connect with others
If you'd like your audience to grow make sure you can connect with fellow bloggers on other platforms as well: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great examples. I personally only update my Instagram: I do have a Twitter but I literally never ever tweet about anything. Bloglovin' is the main platform for bloggers: not many bloggers out there don't have a page on Bloglovin'. It basically is a website, you sign up your blog, and they'll automatically appear onto your followers' 'Bloglovin' timelines'.

Let life inspire you
I personally don't have a 'main theme', beauty is not the only thing I talk about and I barely talk about fashion, I really like photography but my posts have other themes as well. I have a little notebook that's related to 'blogging stuff', if something pops into my mind I write it down, and as soon as I have time to sit down and type I tick it off. Before I had this little notebook I often sat in front of my laptop, without anything to write about - while I had ideas when I didn't have time. Keeping track of your thoughts can help a great deal.

Ooof - that were a lot of words. I hope some of my tips were helpful for you! X


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