How To Improve Your Skin

Hello there!

I think everybody struggles with their skin every now and then: nobody never has pimples (and if you're a blessed person like that, praise yourself lucky!). Some people have it worse than others, though, and I know for a fact that my skin's never been perfect and I felt insecure about it many, many times.

However - my skin has been getting better and I feel a lot more confident now I don't have to worry about my skin that much anymore. I've tried so many thing but I finally found something that works for me, and I'm eager to share it with you as it may help you! This is a list of tips & tricks that worked for me personally - it's not a holy list which'll solve all your skin problems but hey, it worked for me. You must realize that things like this take time: your skin won't be spotless in a week - I've been living according to these 'rules' (tips) for about 3 months now.

...of water/green tea. This may sound quite idiotic to you, but I always see my skin getting worse whenever I stop drinking water on a regular basis. Whenever I'm at school/work I tend to forget about my daily intake of water and end up drinking nothing/an absolute minimum. My skin tends to get worse during weeks like that so I now always carry a bottle of water to make sure my skin won't be like that anymore - ever.

I used to put on my skin whatever I felt like at that moment but I realized that getting used to a certain routine worked a lot better for me personally. I now remove my make up with micellary water, wash it with Rituals' Creamy Foam Cleanser, and apply my Biodermal P-CL-E cream - and it's been working great for me.

Buying products which work for you is a good thing, but it doesn't have to be expensive. I never used expensive products and I don't care about brands at all - I just buy whatever I feel like buying/whatever I can afford. Testing certain creams and lotions in stores can really help: go to the store with a bare face and test out every product you'd be able/be wanting to buy: make sure you won't get an allergic reaction, make sure it won't itch et cetera. Make sure it feels good, then buy it.

I'd been using The Body Shop's products for quite some time before I ran out of my day- and night cream, and I loved the creams. They hydrated my skin and they felt good, even though they didn't have any 'extras' (anti-red skin or anything like that), they just did the job. Natural products have always worked for me: the less artificial products they put in a product,  the bigger the chance of your skin reacting to it naturally. Some people go all natural, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera - I've been on that 'skin diet' for a few weeks but my skin reacted quite badly to the coconut oil. It didn't at first but my skin got greasier and greasier as time passed, so I decided to back to an 'official' day cream.

Even though I know facing the harsh world with a bare face can be quite hard (I still don't have the guts to do it myself, most of the time - I couldn't think of myself going to a party or event without make up on my skin), it really helps. Whenever I don't have to work/go to school/leave the comfortzone that is called my house I just skip the make up on my face (BB cream, foundation, tinted moisturizers, bronzers, powders, and the other thousand products they've invented to give us girls/women more confidence) and my skin looks so much better after a day like that, compared to my skin after a stressful day at work with make up. It could be the stress but I think make up isn't good for the natural skin: I always feel like my pores can't breathe, and even though I know that pores can't actually breathe it feels better to skip the make up.

Even though this is natural to many women (I hope so!) I didn't want to skip this very important thing. Always remove your make up before going to bed.

I never thought about this, but you spend about 30% of your day sleeping - with your head resting on your pillow. If you don't bother to change the pillowcase every now and then every drop of sweat and every bit of saliva you leave there will dry - the bacteria will grow - and they'll attack your face when you're sleeping. We can't see it, but it certainly happens! (Oh, and I love the scent of fresh-washed linen so I don't mind doing this, at all. ;) )

A very important factor of having a great skin is your diet: just like drinking water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables is positive for your skin (and body). If your body feels good, your skin will look good.

I don't know if this is a fact or anything but my skin always looks bad after a short/uncomfortable night of sleep. Your skin will look dull and saggy and it won't have time to recover itself from the hard day you've had. Everybody's sleeping pattern is different but I aim for about 7 hours of sleep per night, that's enough for me.

GREEN TEAI already mentioned it in the 'drink water' section but I wanted to make a different part of this, as green tea really helps. Green tea rinses the body and it cleans your face as well: it's good for your body so it's good for your skin.


You must know I'm not a professional: everything I write about is stuff I've learned in the past few years. Own experiences, things I read on the internet and things I heard: I've tried to combine them all in this blogpost. Know that not everything can be solved with a good lifestyle: don't drown yourself in a hundred liters of water per day in order to 'improve your skin', some people are more sensitive for pimples and red skin than others. Improving your lifestyle might help but don't be sad if it doesn't: your skin doesn't define you.


  1. I've been slacking on drinking water recently but I hadn't worn any makeup last week and it does make a difference because my skin felt better without it. I stopped wearing makeup to school too, well apart from a tiny bit of bb cream but it feels a lot better than a full face. Great tips!

    1. Same here, a bare face just feels so much better!

  2. Great tips! My skin is very up and down, sometimes it will completely clear then I will suddenly break out for no reason whatsoever. I think skin can also become used to a product and then become immune to it so it's great to change things up every now and then! x

  3. Great tips, I already do most of these things so that's nice to know too! Abi :)

  4. This is a great post and good tips. I'm prone to not drinking a lot of water, but I do love tea. So... I'll probably give green tea a go.

  5. Ok. I really need to change my pillow more often.
    Didn't think of it like that before...Oh oh. Thank you Sjoukje! : )