Rituals 'Touch Of Light' Body Cream

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As I mentioned in my post the day before yesterday, my Christmas gift from work was a coupon I could spend on anything I liked, and I chose to spend it at Rituals. I bought an interesting cleanser I reviewed in that particular post and I told you that I bought an amazing body cream as well.

I was walking through the store and I think I literally touched everything in order to find something I liked. It's not that I didn't like anything, it's just.. I liked everything. This body cream was kind of hidden: there was a big tree in the store and the pile of these body creams was overshadowed by the massiveness of the tree. When I sniffed the sample, I knew I had to have this body cream.

Touch of LightPatchouli & Cardamom
Rich and nourishing body cream
Awaken your inner light: illuminate your body & mind with the mesmerizing fragrance of Indian Spices

200ml, €15.00
The texture is firm: I really like how it feels on the skin. The scent is a bit hard to explain: it smells like Indian spices, like the package says. My friend sniffed the body cream as well and she described it as 'frankincense, but the good part of it' and after hearing that I think she's right: frankincense smells spicy as well but this body cream smells sweet and spicy.

The scent lasts a long time: I took a shower yesterday morning and applied the body cream and when I went to bed yesterday evening, I still smelled it. 
The packaging is really luxurious: I love the combination of red and the metal-y lid. It looks great on your bathroom shelve as well: I think this body cream would be a great present to give to any beauty lover. The scent is a really extraordinary scent though: I don't think everyone'd like it, so I'd be a bit careful with that. The body cream is a limited edition so if you really like it, I wouldn't wait for the warmer months to arrive!

I bought this little tea tin at Rituals as well, it was €3.50 I believe and I think the design is amazing. It'd be a great gift for anyone who loves tea & flowers!

If you'd like to buy this body cream as well: it's available online and in many Rituals stores.

Thank you for reading this review!


  1. I'm really intrigued by the smell of the body cream! It sounds amazing as well, I love body creams that have scents that last ages on the skin

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. What an interesting scent for a lotion, the tea case looks lovely too x


  3. The scent sounds so interesting, the tea tin is adorable.


  4. It's so good when the scent lasts a bit longer than only
    a few hours - it sounds like such a good body cream.
    ooh and I like the packaging of the tea - so cute. :)


  5. Klinkt als een goede body cream! Ook fijn dat de geur zo lang blijft hangen,

  6. Wow, unbelievable that for this price you can get such a precious looking body cream! Thanks for sharing :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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  7. Ik hou echt van Rituals, ze hebben vaak heerlijke geuren en de producten zijn echt fijn. De body creams zijn ook echt lekker dik en heerlijk om te smeren. Ik ken deze nog niet, maar heb wel andere geprobeerd van Rituals. En ze zien er ook heerlijk uit :).