10 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Hey everybody! I'm a lover of natural products / I always feel like they don't hurt my skin like some quite chemical products do. I've written about the beneficial effects of coconut oil before but I don't think I ever actually made a list of how to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is cheap, natural and if you're looking for an all-round product you can use for many things, coconut oil is the way to go.

Instead of butter, use some coconut oil for cooking/baking the next time. Our body doesn't store coconut oil like it stores regular butter: many people say, 'oh, coconut oil contains many calories!' - yes, that's true - but our bodies don't actually store that fat, which will be beneficial for your weight.

Put some coconut oil on a cotton pad and rub it onto your eyes. You'll see that this is a bit harder to use than regular eye makeup remover, but it's less harmful and it'll hurt your eyes less. You can also choose to put the oil on your fingers, rub it onto your eyes and remove the residue with a cotton pad. I personally think it's less painful this way!

Even though SPF 4 isn't a very high factor, coconut oil does actually block UV light. Don't use it when you're in Spain in July, though -  'real' sunscreen is better!

Rub a clump of coconut oil (it's a clump if it's not 25 degrees Celcius) onto your hands and massage this into the ends of your hair - very gently. Your hair will get very greasy if you apply too much coconut oil to the ends of your hair!

Coconut oil is hydrating and it's great when you have very dry lips. Use it like you'd use a regular lip balm. The oil immediately sinks into your lips leaving them soft and nourished!

If you have a cold or feel a cold coming up, stir some coconut oil into your tea. It softens up your throat, leaving it less painful!

SHAVING CREAMIf you're out of regular shaving cream or just want to try something else for a change, apply a lot of coconut oil to the area you're about to shave. The razors remove the extra coconut oil and your skin will be very soft once you're finished.

If you have an old leather bag/worn out leather shoes, rub some coconut oil on the leather (only if it's leather!) - it'll make the item shiny again, and the leather will be less stiff.

CUTICLE CREAMI recently discovered the amazing Lemony Flutter by Lush but I found out coconut oil is great for your cuticles as well. It sounds silly but I never actually realized how important my cuticles are for my fingernails!

Everyone's elbows tend to get really dry and even though that doesn't matter - soft elbows feel really good (at least, that's what I think!). Coconut oil is great for that - it softens the elbows, leaving them more supple.

I actually decided to create a little video about coconut oil as well, if you're interested, make sure to check it out right here. (Click on the text!)

I hope you liked my little list - and if you've decided to watch the video I hope you enjoyed watching that one as well! Much love, Sjoukje

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  1. Thanks for these awesome tips, coconut oil has so many great uses..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Hello Sjoukje,
    Your post is very interesting and your video very nice. I daily use coconut oil for remove my make up and two times in a week i sleep with coconut oil on my hair. I never think to use it for anything else so thank you for your tips!
    This morning i eat pancakes with coconut butter, it's delicious :-)
    Have a good day, i hope you feel better this morning.

    ps: sorry for my english, i probably make grammatical and spelling mistakes

  3. Very interesting post ! I do use coconut oil quite a lot ! I use it mostly on my hair before I shampoo. But I also love it as a body "lotion" :)
    Lots of love!

  4. Such a great post, I might have to try it as and eye makeup remover later tonight

    xx E∆

  5. Wow never knew it had so many uses! Abi :)

  6. That was such a well filmed video Sjoukje! I loved it!! It's so funny you post about coconut oil and it's many uses because today I tried blending it in my coffee for the first time. I read that it's supposed to help with your metabolism, and make your caffeine "high" last longer. Plus, it gives you all of the benefits like you mention for cooking. I had never thought it soften leather with it.. Interesting!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. Thanks voor de tips Sjoukje!