Are Dr Martens Worth The Price?

Dr Martens are trendy and they deserve that status. I think the general opinion about heavy and chunky boots has changed - where people looked down upon my Dr Martens boots in the past all I get now are compliments. I almost never wear shoes that aren't Dr Martens - my post might be a bit biased because I love the brand so much but I still tried to make this post as genuine as possible. 

First of all - there's a difference between the 1460's (the higher boots) and the 1461's (the lower shoes). I'll get to that later. I'll start with the negative aspects of Dr Martens, so I can contradict those in the section which is in favor of Dr Martens. Have fun!

Dr Martens are quite expensive. A new pair of shoes will cost you at least €120, limited editions and specials are more expensive.

You might have heard about this before - but Dr Martens are terrible to break in. Breaking in the low Dr Martens shoes took me longer than breaking in my higher boots, probably because the shoes 'end' at quite an annoying part of your foot.

The shoes are really heavy and some people prefer light-weight sneakers. You will get used to this though! 


Let's move on to the positive sides of Dr Martens. ☺

Once you've broken the shoes in (this takes about 2 weeks of constantly wearing the shoes) the shoes are super comfortable. I'd rather wear my Docs than my slippers - enough said.

Yes, this is a part of the cons-section as well but I've never seen the weight of the shoes as a bad thing. Once you get used to it the weight is no problem whatsoever, it's even a plus for me: I feel more stable whenever I wear my Dr Martens and whenever I switch to lighter shoes like Converse, it feels odd.

There are many people willing to pay (relatively) large amounts of money for Dr Martens - some people prefer shoes who don't have to be broken in anymore, and are willing to pay money for that. I recently sold a pair of Dr Martens (they were too big) and my loss was not very big.

Dr Martens will last you a very long time - no doubt about that. The build of the shoes is very good and the leather is of superior quality.

If you're not into chunky/heavy boots, they sell lower boots - if you don't like black shoes, they have funky colors like pink & purple. There's something for everybody.

I don't have a very healthy back and whenever I wear cheap shoes, I know I'll feel it at the end of the day. You don't have to worry about this when wearing Dr Martens - the pain will be less overwhelming because the shoes really support your feet, and most importantly, back.

I hope I have helped you, I'm happy even if I've only helped you a tiny bit. Even though I am enthusiastic about the brand and their products I didn't want to lie and talk about the shoes too positively, but this is what I genuinely think about the shoes. To summarize: yes, they might be a bit expensive and breaking the Docs in isn't one of the most comfortable things to do - but when purchasing Docs, you'll purchase qualitative shoes which might even last you a lifetime. Love, Sjoukje


  1. I love Dr Martens too but couldn't agree more about the breaking in, it took me ages but then again I will be wearing them for years to come so it is a small price to pay. xx

  2. I really like Dr Martens' style. I saw low purple ones and they were really gorgeous but a bit too expensive so I didn't get them. I've never had any Dr Martens' shoes, but I certainly will one day.


  3. Ahhw such a lovely post! I've recently got the low Dr. Martens and the break in part is changing in how comfortable they are!

  4. I love Dr Martens! This may sound strange but I feel weirdly safe in them because they are so heavy and chunky! Great post! xxx

  5. Alright, if it only takes two weeks to break in Dr Martens, they just don't like my feet. I've definitely worn mine longer and most of the time I wear them my heels start bleeding or get blisters. There are really rare occasions when they don't but I have no idea why.
    Just one thing I wanted to add: a friend of mine basically lives in his Docs (he wears his pair every single day) and they don't last him longer than a year even though he takes care of them. I don't know whether he's just doing something wrong but I thought I'd add that because if I was looking for shoes to wear every day, I'd find them too pricey for only lasting a year... (I mean, even my converse last that long if I wear them every day - trust me, I've done that.)
    But as much as I hate my Docs for making my feet bleed I also love them for being waterproof and having really good grip on icy ground. I just have to find something for my overly sensitive heels..

  6. I have always been contemplating buying a pair, but my feet are so fragile when it come to wearing shoes in :( Is it like blister bad?

  7. This was such a thorough post! I've actually had no experience with Dr. Martens, but I've always heard that they are worth the investment. Thank you for hitting all of the points of concern for shoe shopping. I'm not sure they are for me, but the ones you have in the picture look great. Enjoy your new shoes Sjoukje!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  8. One of my best friends loves her Dr Martens and I'm so tempted now! They look great on you.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  9. I love Dr Martens. I have one pair: 1460 black python and i love it :-)
    Good afternoon :-)

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