How To Organize Your Blogging Activities

Good day everybody! / Blogging is a fun thing to do, I honestly enjoy writing blogposts. However - life is busy, and if I don't push myself I can easily forget about creating new blog content for a few days. And that's not what I want! What I do want is to be consistent and to have a rhythm, and I currently post one article every other day (more or less) - here are my tips so you can be more organized.



o notebooks o
I am addicted to notebooks and taking notes. I do it all the time - and it keeps my head organized and light. If I don't take notes I forget things, don't have goals and accomplish less.
When it comes to blogging, I jot down ideas - and when I have time I make a quick summary of what I want to write. When I find myself sitting behind my computer, I grab my notebook and write the blogpost. I don't post it yet - because I don't have photographs yet.

o photography o
When I have some time and it's not dark outside (I hate taking photographs in the dark) - I grab my notebook and see which articles I wanted to write. I think of photography-ideas which'd go well with that blogpost and take some photographs. If I don't have time, I don't upload them to my computer yet (and make a note in my notebook I still need to do that!)

o computer organizing o
I hate having an unorganized laptop - I have folders and specific names for everything so important files don't go missing. Whenever I have the time for it, I upload the photographs I took onto my computer and place them in the folders.
I have one big folder called 'blog photography', and that folder consists of many more folders. Every folder is one blogpost, and I add the photographs I'm going to use to that folder so they'll be easy to find.
Some people prefer using Word as a text editor but I prefer the Blogger-kind, however, if you use Word it's even easier to combine the photographs with the text because you can add the text file to the photography files folder.

o plan ahead o
Another thing I use my notebooks for is planning. I never go to sleep before I made a planning for the next day - my personal plannings, but my blogging plannings as well.
Make plannings for when to take photographs/write articles as well - in this way you won't find yourself without an article on an article-day because you don't have time to write/time to photograph.

o queue o
When it comes to using Blogger/Wordpress, and undoubtedly other blogging platforms as well, they have this really handy thing called 'queue' - you can write an article, save it - and edit when you'd like the article to be published. In this way, your blog won't have to take a break while you're away or in test weeks, busy weeks or weeks of sudden illness. I make a (there it is again) planning for which article I'd like to go up on which day of the week so I know for when I'll have to write more or when I'm able to take a break.

o on-the-go o
I often find myself sitting on a train, or waiting for my next lesson to start, without any specific things to do. When I have a moment like this I think of articles to write/things to do for my blog. In this way, I always have ideas and I always have something to do.
Thinking of ideas never stops - make sure to write spontaneous and creative thoughts down before you forget about them. Never ever stop being creative!



  1. Super fijne tips! Ik vind vooruit plannen altijd erg fijn x

  2. I love notebooks! They're great for jotting down sudden ideas. :)

  3. really helpful! love this article!
    Lots of love,
    Noreen x

  4. I'm so with you on the notebook idea. I recently bought a cute notebook that I can fit in my purse/booksack, and I already have two pages with lists of blog post ideas. A few outlines as well! It's great.

  5. Great post, I definitely need it!

    Malensu x

  6. Thanks for your really good tips. I think without good organisation it is not possible to maintain a blog :) Wish you furhter the success you deserve!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. Dit was echt handig! I have SO many notebooks, I do not know how I have space in my little apartment for anything else, haha! And I agree; Never stop being creative!! Thanks for sharing!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  8. Toffe post! Inderdaad, tijd vinden is soms een huge problem, tell me about it! Leuke tips, ik ga er zeker gebruik van maken in 2015! :-)

  9. Handige tips! Ik ben ook gek op notitieboekjes! Heb een hele leuke kitscherige gezien bij paperchase; vol met paarse glitters <3 die moet ik hebben! ;)

    zou je misschien ook eens op mijn blog willen kijken, Sjoukje? :) ik blog nu al 2 jaar maar heb nog niet zoveel traffic..

  10. Great post ! Thank you for sharing your helpful tips ! :)

  11. I absolutely love your blog Sjoukje! The layout is amazing and your posts never cease to interest me. These are some great tips. I completely agree about the unorganised computer, I thought it was just me! Definitely going to start notebooking to be more organised as my thoughts are all over the place at the moment. Have you heard of bullet journals?