Is Buying A Tablet Worth It?

Good day there!
A few months ago, when I had some money left, I bought myself a tablet - an iPad Mini, to be exact. I absolutely love it but I'm not using it the way I thought I would. That is when I asked myself the question: was my iPad worth the money? - a question I'll be answering for you today, so I'll either persuade you, or save you some extra bucks. Enjoy!

I personally have an iPad like I said in the little introduction but I think every tablet is the same: not when it comes to specs and the way it looks, obviously - but every tablet can be used the same way. I'll tell you what I thought I'd be using my iPad for, and how I'm actually using it. If the title of the paragraph is marked green I'm using it for that purpose, and if it's red, I'm not.

The major reason why I bought my iPad was because I thought I'd watch movies and series and documentaries on it - and that came out to be absolutely true. The Netflix app is great (if you have a Netflix subscription, of course - if you don't you'll have to be really nice to a friend who does) and I find myself watching many YouTube videos on it as well. It's even better to watch stuff on my iPad than on my laptop, because my laptop tends to get really hot, and lying in bed with an iPad is just way more comfortable than with a huge laptop.

I don't like reading on my iPad. I usually read before I go to bed or whenever it's hot outside and I have nothing to do. The screen is very shiny which is not ideal for reading outside and the bright screen hurts my eyes before I go to sleep. I usually use my e-reader or I buy/borrow a regular book.

I really like using my iPad for school - we get a lot of digital summaries and books to read, and my iPad is great for that because it saves a lot of paper and it's just very easy.

I don't type up articles on my iPad - I just think my laptop is easier. Editing photographs with my iPad is not easy or time-saving either: I have to transfer them to my laptop first, so why not edit them right away?  I really thought buying a tablet would make blogging easier but that has not worked out the way I thought it would. Keeping track of statistics is something I do consider to be easy on my iPad but I don't think you need a tablet for that - it works on a phone as well.

I do really like reading and keeping up with my favourite bloggers via my iPad. I use Bloglovin' to follow my favourite bloggers and blogs and that's absolutely perfect: it feels like I'm reading an actual magazine, rather than an internet website.

I don't like the little on-screen keyboard on my iPad, it's just a little bit too small to type quickly. Whenever I'm working on essays and articles, even when they're not for my blog, I usually switch to my laptop because it's just so much quicker! The Word and Pages apps are great, though, so I think investing in a Bluetooth Keyboard would come in really handy - I might do this in the future. That's why the title of this paragraph is in orange: the Word and Pages apps are great and are almost equal to the actual computer application of Word but it's just the keyboard that annoys me.

The main reason to buy an iPad was to entertain myself. It sounds stupid and it kind of is, but I didn't buy it for work- or school related reasons, I just wanted to have something nice. My iPad is great for that, honestly. I always have some movies/series on my iPad to watch while on a train and many in-between hours on school have been spent with my tablet. Many of you would think - but you (probably) have a phone for that? - but I don't like watching movies on that little screen (I sound so stupid right now!) and my battery dies really quickly whenever I do so.

Buying an iPad was not necessary: I could havve done all the things I do on my laptop, phone or on paper. A tablet could never replace a laptop for me, personally: I'd miss the keyboard too much, and a regular laptop is just easier for many things. However, a tablet comes in great when watching movies, reading papers for school, and if you don't mind the shiny screen - for reading. If you have a bit of money left buying a tablet is great, but if you'd buy the tablet with your savings which you could use for food and other more important things, I'd just skip this little piece of technology. It's handy, but not necessary.

I hope this article was helpful. Have a lovely day, Love, Sjoukje.


  1. I used to use my older sisters tablet for netflix which was perfect. Now my younger sister recently got a tablet purely to watch youtube videos and my dad recently got an ipad air which my mum seems to use more for things such as online shopping. I think they're great for movies and online shopping otherwise I don't think they're really worth it. X

    1. Same here! And you could do that on a phone/laptop but it's just easier when you have a tablet. Not worth so many hundreds of euros in the end!

  2. I've been thinking about getting a tablet but have always been unsure. this is really useful advice, thanks!

  3. Really useful advice which has answered some questions I've always had!

  4. I bought myself an iPad about 5 years ago and I thought I would do extraordinary think with it too. But the truth is that I only use it to play some games. Some apps are better on the iPad though, like Twitter and Facebook Messenger. Otherwise I never read books, and I hardly ever watch series/films and it. Sometimes I read some blogs too but I prefer do it and my laptop. I really think about buying myself a new one, maybe a MacBook.

    xoxo, Renaud

    1. Same here - I don't like the desktop version of Twitter nor Facebook so the iPad is a good solution for that. I'm thinking about buying a MacBook as well but I'm scared of spending so much on something that I could've gotten for less!

  5. What a great idea for a post! I love the format you used to share the ways your use the tablet/or not!
    About five years ago I received a first-gen iPad for Christmas, and LOVED it. I didn't have a fancy laptop at the time so it filled that void and I used that iPad for everything. But, as they came out with the new iPads mine started fading into extinction. Just last year I purchased myself a supah-fancy Macbook Air. Now, like you, I don't use my iPad for anything (except YouTube videos before bed), the only difference being that mine is quite "old" now in terms of technology (shed a small tear for that). But I don't think that if I got myself a new tablet that it would change much. What you wrote here is true; tablet-dreamers need to evaluate what they'll be using it for before pouring so much money into this!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thanks for your long comment - I always enjoy reading them! It's so sad that technology gets old so easily.. and I agree with you - it's a lot of money to spend and if you already have a computer and phone I doubt if it's worth it!

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have to admit that I own a tablet and I used it in the past a lot. But now I have it to my son as I mostly do the things I did in the past with the tablet with my phone :) And although I own a Kindle for reading books I prefer in general to read a book with paper. Happy New Year!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  7. Thanks! I really needed it this. Lovely blog

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  9. Reading books for school or fun was one of the main reasons why I wanted to own an iPad. However I think it's good for watching videos (I agree with you), and I also find it very useful for slides or for searching infos and articles when I study...but it is like a bigger iPhone to me, nothing more. When I bought my MacBook Air I stopped using my iPad for a while but sometimes I like to use it anyway so I don't feel guilty for having spent a lot of money on it. :) It's useful, but not necessary (btw I love the iPad mini, the regular iPad is very big --I own an iPad 3).
    And for the reading thing: I bought a KOBO last Spring and I like it better. Reading on iPad is tiring, especially for eyes. KOBO has a great e-paper technology, costs less and even though I was skeptical before buying it (I LOVE BOOKS AND BOOKS SMELL!) I find it very useful, especially because I don't have too much space left for books :)

  10. This article was very helpful, thank you! I've been considering buying a tablet for school because I spend most of my time there and would like to write my essays without carrying my laptop. However, you mentioned that it's not very comfortable to type without an actual keyboard, and I agree with you. I have my e-reader for books and use my laptop for entertainment, so I think I won't be purchasing a tablet haha.Thanks for saving my money! :D

    Dany | Dany Szelsky