Some January Shopping

Good day there everybody!
The most wonderful time of the year is gone, over, finito - and now that we don't have to worry about buying presents for our loved ones anymore, we can start worrying about spring coming up. It won't be here for a long time - but I can still remember me in September, 'Christmas, jeez, it's so far away', and now it's over already. I'll share some of my post-Christmas essentials with you today, and as a little follow-up to the 'how to spend less & save some'-guide I posted a few days ago: all the items listed will be very cheap and affordable. Enjoy!
I love January because we get to see the Sun again!

one - two - three - four

I like the sweater on the left: it looks so comfortable and I always think it's so cute when grey or black items of clothing have white details. The cardigan'd be great for when the temperatures start to rise: cardigans are great to throw on when you're a bit chilly but they're easy to put away when you start feeling hot again. The faux-leather detailing on the shoulders makes the cardigan a bit more interesting. The color-blocking blouse is great for days when you feel like jeans, but want to look a bit colorful anyway. The faux-leather jacket on the right is the cheapest I've ever seen, it's $12 and it's a great alternative for a light jacket but it's a nice item of clothing for the colder days as well.

One of January's biggest advantages is that you'll probably see the Sun peeking through the clouds which've been filling our sky with snow & rain for the past few months - you don't want to experience this moment without protecting your eyes. The sunglasses I decided to share with you all have a 60's vibe in my opinion and I love sunglasses like this - they make me think of pretty polka-dot dresses and open shoes and picnics and happiness. 

Wouldn't these dresses be perfect for the picnic I described? Okay - I know - it's a little bit too soon for dresses like this, yet (unless you live in some kind of paradise on the other side of the world, where it never snows, and you're currently laying in the grass, reading this article, wondering why I'm wishing for warmer days?) - I usually wear dresses with tights and cardigans whenever I feel like dresses but when it's too cold. There's a solution to everything.

Are you as excited for January as I am?! (I probably am the only person on this planet excited for January. Yes, it's a rainy month and the sun won't be as prominent as it will be in July, but we now know that days'll get longer, nights'll be shorter, temperatures will be higher. Enough reasons to smile!

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    1. ���� I am in love with all of them, especially the third ones! GAWDD glasses are my weakness in life.

  2. Really cute finds. I have to say that the middle pair of sunglasses are my absolute favorite.

    rae of love from berlin

  3. Love those sunglasses,so nice and summery! Abi :)

  4. love that apparel candy sweater - I live in things like this at university!

    Mara x

  5. Cute post! Would you mind checking out my profile?

  6. Great pics!! I love all the tops and the second dress looks lovely and summery!

    Katie // ZigZagsAndHabiliments

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