Some Time To Think

We all need some time to think every once in a while - when life gets too complicated or when life doesn't, just your head - it's nice to go to a place and just breathe in the cold air, look at the birds - carelessly in the sky - and think, or don't, if you don't want to.
I needed some time to think, ponder, consider - and I didn't realize this at first but I had my camera in my bag. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (even though it was rather windy by the waterside) so I decided to take some snapshots of this beautiful moment.

Going to a calm place clears my head - sometimes it's better to step away for a minute instead of burdening your loved ones with your struggles. Love, Sjoukje


  1. I love your photographs of the water. Going to places like this is nice to be calm and one with nature for a while x
    Hope your' all good :)

  2. Wow these photos are gorgeous. Did you get a new header? I really like it!


    1. Thank you very much! I got a new header indeed. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. The envy I feel for the beautiful place you live in, or live close by. ;)

  4. Wow I love these photos! So relaxing to look at, I hope to someday be able to take pictures that good for my new blog

  5. These photos are absolutely gorgeous - especially the second shot, I love the colours :)
    Also your new header is great Sjoukje! X

    Love, Lucy

  6. I love these snapshots!!
    I also like to be in a calm place if I really need some time to think. Besides the beach, my favorite place is my balcony, at night to appreciate the stars and the moon or in the daytime to enjoy the sun.

    Lots of hugs, A

  7. Beautiful photos! Being anywhere near water, able to listen to the waves and seagulls and feel wind around my face also always makes me calm down. Hope your time for yourself has helped you!

  8. Mm totally agree!! Went for a run in the park to clear my head today! Was perfect!!


  9. So glad you got a chance to think, otherwise you would never been able to share these beautiful photos :) Thinking by a body of water is definitely stimulating and relaxing.

  10. This is an absolutely perfect post, I love it! :) xxx

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  11. definitely looks like a good place to clear your head, really beautiful!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin