Are Macbooks Worth Their Price?

Hey everybody! I recently posted a post about the differences I noticed between my Macbook and my previous Windows laptop. I think everybody knows about the little well, battle between Windows and Apple users. People who are really into computers and software and use Windows mostly don’t like Apple products - and vice versa. 
I don’t like this battle - I’ve used both Windows computers and now an Apple laptop - and I like both  systems. I used Android phones and iPhones as well - another Apple vs Android ‘battle’ that is going on and I liked both as well (even though I currently prefer my iPhone over my previous Samsung Galaxy phone). 
I think many Windows users are very judgmental about Apple products. Some of them know much about computers and have a substantiated opinion, but I feel like others just copy the opinion from people they talk to. 
I am non-biased - I don’t know a lot about computers and why they work the way they do - and that’s why I wanted to write this article. I want to give people who want to invest in a new computer or laptop the possibility to legitimately consider their options, without being told what to do by a Windows-fan, an Apple-fan - or whatever. That’s why I made a list of what I think and what I found out about the differences between Apple and Windows computers - personally. 

This is what many people are concerned about. If you go onto a website and start at the lowest price, you can purchase a Windows machine for probably 250 euros, while the cheapest Macbook Air would be 850 euros (it depends on where you buy it). It’s a major price difference and I completely agree to the fact that Apple laptops might be overpriced. Apple computers are super-duper expensive and if you believe the internet, many Windows machines have the same specs or even better specs for a lower price. Like I said - I don’t want to go into this any further because I don’t know enough about this subject. What I do know is that I had the money for a Macbook, wanted to buy something that would last me a couple of years and that I didn’t mind investing more money in it. 

You can’t compare the way two completely different systems work because you’d have to find two laptops with the exact same specifications. What you can compare, though - is if you like the way it looks. The ‘lay-out’ a laptop has and the way it works is very important. The previous laptop I owned came with Windows 8 and I found this very complicated to use. It felt like there were two completely different machines, put into one machine - everything you did while using the desktop, wasn’t visible when you changed to the Windows layout. I gave that laptop to my little sister, and she was used to an older Windows system - and she found it extremely confusing as well. Once you get used to it it’s no problem but I just don’t understand the reasons for this because I think many users would agree with me. In the contrary - Apple is very easy. Many people might think Apple’s too easy, but I don’t like complicated systems so my Macbook is perfect for me. 
And when I’m talking about ‘the way it looks’, I mean the way the interface looks. Once you’ve gotten used to the different interface, everything looks so smooth and pretty on a Macbook. I personally prefer the ‘slick’ Macbook design over the Windows design - I don’t know how to describe the Windows interface, it’s just more complicated and less animated.

Macbooks feel very solid and like they’ll last you a long time. I’m not saying they will - as I’ve only had mine for a few days - but they feel like that. Macbooks come with really handy chargers as well - with an extra cable to make it longer. The charger’s small - easy to carry - but I didn’t need it thus far as the battery lasts me long enough to survive a day at school. Anyway - the charger of my last laptop was very bulky and took up a lot of space in my bag. I did have to take this one with me, though - as the battery ran out pretty quickly. But, again - this is not a comparison to my previous laptop as it can’t be compared, but I feel like many Windows laptop have bulky chargers. 
Okay, so we now know that I really like the way my new little toy works. I didn’t write this post to convert you into Apple-ism, though - so I’m going to be a bit more realistic right now. Below are two little lists - one for reasons why you might need a Macbook, another list why you might not need one.

  • You’re a student, living far away from your school. Train rides can feel very unnecessary and unproductive but once you have a laptop with a great battery life, it won’t feel like this anymore.
  • I’m a blogger and I like working on my posts on-the-go, but I’m not going to talk about the battery life again. Programs like iPhoto and iMovie are handy and are free if you’re an Apple user - they come in handy if you’re interested in photo- and videography.
  • I don’t have a Macbook Pro so my laptop didn’t come with a Retina display - but Retina displays are amazing and if you’re a photo/videographer, this is great.
Those things could apply to Windows laptops as well, though.

  • First of all - you don’t ever need a Macbook. There are many nice laptops out there and it’s a fact that Macbooks are really pricy. 
  • If you don’t use your computer that often, buying a Macbook is a complete waste of money. I talked to a friend today and she asked me, ‘should I buy a Macbook?’  and I asked her what she’d use it for and she told me, ‘for some schoolwork, but not too much - I don’t use my laptop that often’. It’s not like Macbooks are magical machines which make your work prettier and easier so investing in an expensive machine like this one isn’t necessary if you’re not going to use it intensively.
  • If you don’t like simplicity and Apple products in general, don’t even consider buying a Macbook - if you don’t like iPhones: the Macbook design is quite similar to it. 
  • If you don’t have a lot of money. Like I said a few points ago - it’s not a magical machine.

Macbooks are nice but there are many similar machines out there for a few hundred euros/dollars less. However - if you’re into simplicity, nice accessories and nice design, a Macbook is great. If you’re not going to be able to buy bread for a few months after your big purchase, don’t even think about it - but, if you have the money or are prepared to save for it, it’ll be a great purchase.

I talked about ‘Macbooks’ in general but I wanted to specify this: I have a 13” Macbook Air - the 8GB RAM version. You have a few versions which are a bit cheaper but I think they’ll be similar - the more expensive versions will be even better because of the better specs. I don’t know anything about older models and older versions but I based this article on OS X Yosemite.

I hope I didn’t sound too pushy or negative in this post. This post isn’t sponsored or anything - I’m just trying to give my genuine opinion.


  1. Yeah before university I had a windows laptop but when I went to university all the computers were Apple ones and was a pain switching a windows machine and Apple computers, mainly because the programs I was using worked better on Apple computers.. I got a MacBook Pro second semester of my first year at university and I've had little to no problems with it! Only times I ever have problems is when I have heaps of applications opened then I get the spinning wheel of death haha I personally prefer Apple over windows for computers but that's only really because I use Apple computers more, they work well with the programs I need to use for university, and I am also very attached to my laptop now!

    This was a really nice post! I really love that you've done the "YOU DON’T NEED A MACBOOK, WHEN…" because so many people will buy an Apple laptop because of the 'status' it gives you and really if you can save yourself a couple of hundred dollars windows laptops can do the job just fine! But this was really nicely written, not pushy or negative at all! :) Em xx

    1. I can imagine that! My school uses Windows computer but the daily transition isn't a big problem. And I agree with you: Macbooks are expensive and many people who don't really need it buy one because the logo looks 'cool'. Kind of sad, actually!

  2. Ik vind van wel. Mijn Mac is mij heel dierbaar, er is geen enkele andere computer die kan tippen aan deze computer. :)

  3. I have a Macbook for personal use and a Windows computer for work. I've also had both types of phones and I just feel like Apple products are less "buggy." I had my Android phone for 2 years and it had so many problems it was completely unusable at times. I had my iPhone 4 for 2 years and gave it to my mom last year and she's having no problems with it at all! I would probably still have my 2007 Macbook if I hadn't spilled wine on it and my 2012 is still going strong!


  4. Loved that you didn't write a biased post at all and that you mentioned a lot of the Macbook advantages could apply to Windows machines aswell - however, when talking about the user interface it's a lot like Ubuntu (or at least that's what I experienced) so there's something similar out there. ;)

    Also a lot of the time people forget that one of the main reasons Apple products tend to work more efficiently and less buggy is that hardware and software are designed by the same corporation while Windows and Android are designed to work on as many devices as possible. That doesn't change the fact that the Apple devices might work better but it doesn't mean the other stuff isn't good.

    One thing I was wondering was did you mean to write you used Windows 7 or did you mean Windows 8? Because I always felt Windows 7 was pretty similar to the former versions. x

    1. I did mean to write Windows 8! I'm sorry, Windows 7 is similar indeed. I have never used Ubuntu. I tried to emphasize that Windows and Android machines can be amazing as well - I'm sure that if you'd spend such a huge amount of money (because that's what it is) on a Windows machine you'd get a super fast and amazing machine as well!

  5. love this post..I've been wanting a Macbook for ages and this has definitely put things in perspective coming from you who's used both Windows and Mac...thanks for sharing :)

  6. Ik vind Macbooks gewoon echt zoveel mooier eruit zien. Maar ik ben een jaar geleden toch voor een Windows computer gegaan puur vanwege de prijs. Al heb ik wel veel gevloekt op Windows 8, super ingewikkeld.

    1. Klopt! Ze zien er prachtig uit, maar inderdaad, die prijs..! Ik heb een tijdlang ook Windows 8 gebruikt en meestal snap ik technologie wel vrij snel en zo maar ik vond Windows 8 toch wel erg ingewikkeld, en soms kon ik vensters en zo gewoon niet vinden. Heel vervelend.

  7. this was a very useful post, thank you. I'm always torn between saving for an apple mac or getting something else and i've always gone for other options because I'm just not sure they're worth the price. This has been very useful :)
    Rebecca // xx

  8. I think you were really accurate with everything you wrote here. I didn't disagree with anything! You're right about the price, the features, everything! Well written! I also feel the same way about the simplicity. I just think that if I'm spending any money on a product I want it to "WORK". And what goes into that "work" is a smooth functionality, an intuitive interface, clean lines, and a few other things. Macs have that. I will never go back to a PC after this change, simply because I've realized that I'm so in-tune with my Macbook. It has only gotten better the longer I've had the Mac.

    Thanks for writing this article. If anyone ever asks me about what I think of my Macbook... I'm directing them to this. I couldn't have written my own words out better!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  9. Love how this post is non biased. I too used to have a windows laptop, and honestly (i got a high spec MacBook Pro for youtubing and graphics etc) I've never looked back! I just found the whole windows 8 update to be slow, hard to use and really unnecessary. I've kind of disliked windows since they left windows 7 behind, but hey.. anyway, great post :)