The Peculiar Life Of A Lonely Postman - Denis Thériault

I wanted to have this book for so long - I thought the cover was absolutely beautiful and the title intrigued me - but I don't like spending money on books: the library and my e-reader are sufficient. I couldn't find this book as an affordable ePub file, though - and I'd visited the book store about a million times wondering if I should buy it or not - until my mum gave me a little present and it turned out to be this book.

"Bilodo lives a solitary daily life, routinely completing his postal rounds every day and returning to his empty Montreal apartment. But he has found a way to break the cycle—Bilodo has taken to stealing people's mail, steaming open the envelopes, and reading the letters inside. And so it is he comes across Ségolène's letters. She is corresponding with Gaston, a master poet, and their letters are each composed of only three lines. They are writing each other haikus. The simplicity and elegance of their poems move Bilado and he begins to fall in love with her. But one day, out on his round, he witnesses a terrible and tragic accident. Just as Gaston is walking up to the post-box to mail his next haiku to Ségolène, he is hit by a car and dies on the side of the road. And so Bilodo makes an extraordinary decision—he will impersonate Gaston and continue to write to Ségolène under this guise. But how long can the deception continue for? Denis Thériault weaves a passionate and elegant tale, comic and tragic with a love story at its heart."
Interesting description, isn't it? The book contains 120 pages but it takes some time to read the book: sentences are not complicated but very descriptive. Bilodo is an interesting character: he has a sad life but the writer manages to talk about Bilodo without making him sound sad. This changes once he gets into the exchange of poems between the two writers more: he starts living an even more solitary life and the writer manages to perfectly describe this change in Bilodo's view and life.

"At night he dreamt about a snake slithering through ferns and crawling furtively among the smooth brown roots of a tree whose trunk was festooned with lianas."
That's what I mean when I talk about descriptive sentences. I personally love this: it allows you to travel there mentally and picture the whole scene: it doesn't leave much room for imagination and if you don't like reading intense books it can be very distracting.

As the book doesn't contain many pages, writing anything about the contents that isn't in the summary is very hard: it's an interesting book, but not much happens. I really liked reading the haiku's in the book, though: it was a form of poetry I had heard about, but didn't know too much of.

Swirling like water
against rugged rocks,
time goes around and around

If you're looking for a meaningful book which gives you a lot to think about, you should definitely give this book a go. You can order it here. Have a lovely day! Much love, Sjoukje


  1. Thanks for the tip, how nice from your mum to give the book as a little present to you!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. This book sounds really great. I really liked the plot.I'd like to read it one read.

    xx, Renaud |