Using A Mac As A Windows User

Good day everybody! After a few good years with my previous Acer laptop, I decided to buy myself a Macbook. It took me months of thinking, discussing with Macbook owners, Googling, and - of course - saving, but I finally have mine! I bought a Macbook Air 13”, the 8GB RAM version. I won’t talk about any more technical details in this post, but this way you’ll know what I’m talking about! 
The first few hours with my Macbook were very weird. Using a Macbook is so different from using a Windows computer or laptop and considering this can be helpful if you have to choose between a Windows or an Apple device. I summed a few very notable things up - I hope this list will help any possible future Mac-users (and if you want to make a Mac-Windows switch - this can be helpful as well!). Enjoy!

Before saying anything else - I think you must know I didn’t have a high-spec laptop before this one. It was a small 11” notebook and it was perfect for what I used it for, but it was kind of slow and started to fall apart (literally). When I first turned on my Macbook I felt like it was faster than any other laptop I’d ever used, at least - for the start-up. The first time turning it on didn’t cause any trouble - it was easy and very quickly done, I could use my new laptop after only 20 minutes, I’d say. I know from my previous laptop that the first start-up took a very long time - and even though I don’t think the first start-up is a major point of criticism (if all’s well you only have to do this once) but if you have something new, it’s very nice to get started right away.

There are many kinds of laptops and you can’t compare one specific laptop to every other laptop out there - but I never even held a Macbook before - and it just feels really good and solid. The Macbook Air is very thin, obviously - but that doesn’t make the laptop feel like it could fall apart any minute.
Everything is different on my Mac. You don’t close programs at the top-right side of the screen but on the top-left side. There are no bars at the top of the page in programs like Pages (I’ll talk about this later) but you have to go there with your cursor, in order for them to appear. This feels very weird at the beginning, but I feel that I’m getting used to it - slowly. If I use a Windows computer at school right now everything feels like it’s out of place (and I think that’s a good sign - it shows I’m getting used to it!)

Apple computers come with some standard programs - like Pages (Apple’s ‘Word’ equivalent) and Numbers (Excel). I didn’t think this trough before, but my previous laptop didn’t have the full version of Word pre-installed (and I never bothered to purchase it) so having proper programs feels really nice. They are different from Window’s programs, but it’s easy to get used to them. You can purchase Word and Excel for Mac-computers if you really want to keep using them - but I see no reason to do so.
The keyboard is very easy and nice to use - the keys are soft, you don’t have to push too hard and the location of the keys feels very natural. About the trackpad - it’s a very easy trackpad to use, but it takes some time getting used to it! I found out that you have to use two fingers to right-click on a Macbook, rather than using the right side of the trackpad like I did when I still had my Windows laptop. I didn’t know this and I had to Google it - like I had to Google many things. Instead of ‘CTRL+A’  to select everything, you have to use the ‘Command’-key - even though the Macbook does have a CTRL-key. Once you know this it’s normal but it took me some time to get used to it. Just like the lack of a delete key - my previous laptop had a delete key at the right top of the keyboard, but there’s the on-off key at my current keyboard. It took me some time to get used to this - instead of deleting my text, my laptop gave me the option to shut down my computer. 

I didn’t properly install my previous laptop so I should blame myself for this as well - but all the keys work on this Macbook. My previous laptop had commands like ‘next song’ et cetera but I never bothered to change them so my computer recognized them - so I was surprised when I found out I wouldn’t have to do this on my Macbook. It’s very easy that the keys for the brightness of the screen and keyboard are present as well - this way you can do this very quickly, rather than going into the settings menu. 

I know this depends on the laptop and edition and purpose of the laptop as well - but comparing the Macbook to all the laptops I’ve used over the years, I found the battery life of my Macbook to be extremely impressive. I didn’t charge the Macbook after taking it out of the box and this lasted me about two days - which surprised me as I didn’t expect it to. I bought this laptop because the battery life was very good and this will come in handy at uni - but the battery really lasts me about 12 hours. It’s so nice to not have to think about a heavy charger.
I hope you found this comparison helpful. Like I said - I don’t have a legitimate same-spec laptop to compare this one to, but I just wanted to let you know what I noticed and found striking. Have a lovely day! Much love, Sjoukje


  1. Just found your blog and really like it- love this post, I have a Windows computer and it feels so different when I use my friends' Macs x
    Feel free to check out our latest post :)

  2. I have a mac at work and I'm desperate to change my home windows laptop to a mac now. One you go mac, you don't go back?

  3. You got one then! Woohoo, you will love it forever :) x

  4. I've just got the same one, and I've always been a Microsoft user, and to be honest, it was not too difficult to adapt, and mac's are way better in my eyes! x

  5. I year ago I got a the Mac air after spilling hot chocolate on my beloved asus laptop. I have to say that I love it. My whole family now have converted to Mac after windows 8 was such a disappointment. They are just so sleek!

  6. Last year I also got a Macbook and to this day I love it a lot - but let's be honest I mainly love it for its design (and for the fact that it's pretty quick and extremely quiet actually). But as good as Macbooks are there also are a lot of great Windows alternatives out there as for example Lenovo make some decent computers. And as much as I love my laptop there are also a few disadvantaged as for example you can't connect Gigabit Ethernet and VGA cables to your computer so you have to buy adapters and they aren't all that cheap. I somehow feel at least a few crucial adapters could be included when purchasing a Macbook Pro as the name suggests the laptop is designed for professional use (I'd say you might have to give talks right? And wifi also isn't always that great...)
    A good thing is of course that Apple creates hardware and software so they really work together nicely. What I don't like though is that a lot of Apple users seem to think that everything that's made by Apple is great and they almost treat it like a religion and anything Microsoft is wrong and bad...

    Also, if you don't like Windows, a Mac isn't the only other option. You could always go for Linux aswell and just as Mac OS it's also Unix and the switch from Windows to Ubuntu for example isn't really worse than to a Mac as it's pretty similar to Mac OS. A lot of research is actually done using Linux and it's open source. The downside is that you can't really get a lot of common programmes as easily as you can for Mac OS and Windows.

    However, I really hope you'll enjoy your new laptop - I'm still enjoying mine even if this post might not have sounded like I do. :) Lots of love! x

  7. This post is really helpful indeed. I really think about buying myself a new laptop, and I thought a MacBook will be great (I think I already told you but whatever). I'd like to buy the MacBook Air too, but I think I'll get the 11" one because I like tiny things. But I think I'll have a look on both to be sure it's not too tiny lol.

    xx, Renaud |

  8. I've been thinking about getting a Macbook Pro... since I'm already studying graphic design, my actual computer is a headache because it is quite old and very slow for adobe programs, so hopefully soon I will be able to purchase it! And I understand you, I've used my friend Macbook and I got lost at first, but now I know how control it a bit more!

    Fabi |

  9. Great Post Sjoukje! I was brought my very first Macbook for Christmas just gone and I LOVE it! I believe its the same model as yours too! My boyfriend brought it me to make blog life easier lol, until I had it I was using my iPhone for everything and believe me, creating a blog on an iPhone isn't easy! It was very strange using this at first, they are amazing though, YAY FOR MACBOOKS!

  10. very helpful post dear, I am about to buy a macbook for myself :)

  11. AH!! You got it!! I really hope that you're starting to adjust more. I totally agree that the first few hours especially can be weird. Now that I've had my Mac for so long, I can't imagine ever switching back to a PC. My boyfriend, Spencer, has a PC and it's dreadful trying to be patient with it. I am still not used to how quickly the Mac turns on and off. Honestly, I keep thinking it will take 500 minutes like a PC. I can restart my Mac within seconds. Go press restart. It isn't just the first turn on and that is so exciting hahah!!!

    Enjoy your new tech!!! Wahoo!!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  12. your photos are absolutely beautiful. Congrats on getting a macbook, I could not live without mine x
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'