20 Things To Do When Sick At Home

Good day lovely readers! The last couple of days have been very boring: I have been at home because I'm sick. I realized I had to write an article for today and that motivated to get me out of bed for the first time in 5 days (except from food, shower and bathroom breaks, though!). I'm sure everybody has days like these just like me, that's why I composed to help people in a similar situation. Enjoy!

1. Start watching a new series. Tips: How I Met Your Mother, Orange Is The New Black, Breaking Bad, Weeds and The Killing.

2. Write something. Think of blogposts, small stories, or a diary entry.

3. Text your friends. Even though they might be in school/at work, they might need the entertainment just as much as you do.

4. Make something healthy to eat. If you're somebody like me keeping up with a healthy diet might be hard: days like these are perfect because you have nothing better to do anyway!

5. Start reading that book that's been lying around for the last five months.

6. Write an e-mail to someone you haven't spoken to and secretly miss very much.

7. Scroll back to your e-mails from three or four years ago: I recently did that and it was so much fun - reading back old conversations always is (unless you only send work-related e-mails ;)).

8. Draw. Even though you might be the worst drawer ever, drawing is a very relaxing activity.

9. Make a Pinterest board, pinning your favorite interior images.

10. Invite visitors over: social contact and talking can make you feel a little bit more alive.

11. Discover new artists.

12. Explore Wikipedia. It sounds silly, but the 'show me a random article!'-button has given me so much (random) knowledge. Did you know that Margaret Allen was the first woman to perform a heart transplant?

13. Create your own diary.

14. Binge-watch your favorite YouTubers' old videos.

15. Enjoy the sun while you're inside: grab a cold drink (or a cup of tea with some honey, because well, you're still ill) and absorb the vitamin D.

16. Do some online shopping. Not being able to go outside shouldn't keep you from doing some shopping!

17. Search the appstore for new little games on your phone. I am currently loving aa.

18. Try to fill up those empty notebooks!

19. Do the things you've been putting off for a very long time, like writing an important letter or paying bills - boring stuff you normally don't have time for.

20. Sleep and make sure to get better: you don't want to stay at home forever!

Hope you enjoyed reading this list, and it might come in handy one day. Have a lovely day! X Sjoukje


  1. This post would have been useful a week ago when I was ill!

    Sabina x

  2. I love how I met your mother it's so funny!!! Ahh I wish I was sick just to be in bed..

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Aah, hope you feel better soon! Thanks for the tips, I'm currently at home for the coming weeks (months most likely...) because of my pregnancy so can for sure use some of them ;-)

  4. Ohhh veel beterschap gewenst! Ziek zijn is nooit leuk, zelfs niet met deze heel goede tips!
    Leuk artikel!

    XO Imke

  5. Love this post. Will definitely do 16 as I hardly have time to do shopping:) would you please check out my latest post and leave a ....www.cre8positivelife.com

  6. 'Write an e-mail to someone you haven't spoken to and secretly miss very much.' That's so sweet! I really enjoyed this list, hope you get better soon!


  7. Darn, this list almost makes me wish to be sick again (almost...). All those relaxing activities! Get well soon :)

  8. These are a great set of things to do! x