A Very Relaxing Giveaway (Yoga)

Some people can just go on and on and on without ever stopping but I need my relaxing cup of tea and steamy bath every now and then to realize that relaxation is an important part of life as well. Sometimes, cups of tea and baths just aren't enough and you wish for something more.

I followed some yoga classes when I was about 11 years old because I had problems falling asleep. I really enjoyed the lessons but I stopped because it was far away from home and you know how 11-year olds can be: I thought it was quite awkward.

I don't think I'd find yoga classes as awkward at this point in my life as when I was 11 but it can be expensive and time-consuming. The Yoga Collective recently contacted me, asking me if I'd like to try out their online courses and even though I was a bit sceptic at first I decided to give it a go nonetheless. I spread out a little blanket (I don't have a fancy yoga mat), put in my earbuds, started a beginner yoga video and tried to relax for 30 minutes. 

The first few minutes were quite awkward (11-year old me all over again) but I got used to the voice of the yoga instructor and I started to feel relaxed. Listening to the instructions for 30 minutes was quite hard at times but I figured I didn't have to do everything the instructor told me: you're not in a yoga classroom surrounded by others and can do what makes you feel better - that's what it's about anyway. I'm happy I've been given the opportunity to try the online classes out and even though it can be harder to keep up with online lessons because you don't have that certain push real classes give you I'm sure I'll be following more online classes whenever I'm feeling tense. 

A 12-month subscription costs $130. I am allowed to give two 12-month subscriptions away. All you have to do is follow my Instagram (@lemontierres) and leave a comment at the bottom of this page, providing me with your Instagram name and e-mail address. Please tell me why you'd like to win as well. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your e-mail address, send me an e-mail (lemontierres@gmail.com). 

Click here for more online yoga classes. Good luck in the competition and let me know if you like little collaborations like this. Have a beautiful day! Much love, Sjoukje

I'll pick two random contestants at the 5th of April. The winners will be contacted on that specific day by me. You're not allowed to enter the competition twice. Let me know if you don't have Instagram: you can still enter the competition. 


  1. Ah Sjoukje, wat een ongelofelijk leuke giveaway! Ik zou heeeel graag meedoen. Ik ben de laatste tijd al een beetje bezig met yoga, maar omdat ik het helemaal zelf doe kom ik niet echt verder ofzo. Ik vind 't wel echt superfijn om te doen en ik merk ecjt dat het me heel erg helpt om te ontspannen (en dat is nieuw, haha). Ik denk dat zulke online lessen me nét dat stapje verder zouden kunnen helpen; het lijkt me ook heel leuk om gewoon wat beter te worden :) Anyway: ik dacht dat ik je allang volgde op instagram, maar dat was dus niet zo (sorry). Ik volg je nu wel (mijn instagram is @lauresque).

    Fingers crossed! XXX

    1. Oh en contact.lauresque@gmail.com is m'n emailadres! X

  2. Great Giveaway ♥ I'd like to win, because this year I just started working out again and I love it more than ever. I usually do Pilates and just tried Yoga for one time and thought it was fun. So a 12-month subscription would be amazing! :)
    My Instagram: colorcastles
    My e-mail address: sabrina@color-castles.com

  3. Leuke post! :) X Minale

  4. wat een leuke give-away ♥

  5. What a pity, I don't have Instagram. Great giveaway anyway!

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  6. Great giveaway :-)

    Instagram User Name: PDXBeautiful
    Email: julie@pdxbeautiful.com

  7. I've been looking for yoga classes for ages! They're just so expensive, great giveaway.

    Instagram: ciarabottrell
    Email: ciarabottrell@gmail.com


  8. I think Yoga enables definitely a better life!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  9. Hello Sjoukje.
    I am a beginner in yoga but i like this activity very much. Thank you for this giveaway.
    my instagram is: crevettecosmique
    my email is: itza@cegetel.net

    Have a good evening :)