An All-Natural Pamper Evening

Oh, how I love pamper evenings. Days can get stressy, hair can get messy - all I want on annoying days like these is take a bath and just think about nothing for a good half hour (that's how long it takes for me to get bored and move on to something else, which probably involves a higher level of stress again). You might be just like me and want to make that half hour of relaxation per day the best half hour of the day. All Naturals recently helped me with that - they sent over a lovely box filled with natural goodies for me to enjoy (I wrote an article about another item in that box earlier). I recently had a very stressy day like the one I described earlier and decided to run a bath and forget about all the things I'd been worrying about.

I love bath bombs (there's no Lush store in my city but whenever I'm in a bigger city I always pick one up) so I was very excited when I saw there were two bath bombs in this box as well: I got a coconut and lavender one. Don't expect neon-colored bubbly baths just like Lush baths when you decide to purchase one of the bath bombs: they just add a nice scent (and some lavender/coconut flakes) to your bath.

I usually don't like rose-scented products as they can be nauseating because of the chemical scent but I didn't have that problem with this bath salt: it added a nice and natural rose scent to my bath. Once more: no bubbles or colors, just nature.

Besides: none of the products were tested on animals. Click here to go to the bath salts.

When I opened the paper box that contained the soaps I thought of vacations with my parents in Spain: long days on the beach, eating ice-cream, having dinner in petite restaurants: I don't know why but I think the soaps might smell like the soaps you come across in small stores in countries blessed with a better climate. The soaps can be used for everything: your body, hands, face (it did make my face feel really dry, though - I wouldn't recommend it if you have a sensitive skin like me) and more intimate body parts. The scents in this little set: rose, pine, lemon & laurel

Taking a bath without lighting  a candle feels like riding a bicycle without a saddle: it just doesn't work. On the left: a christmas candle, on the right - a cedar wood candle. The seasons are changing but you can pretend it's a cold winter day with these lovely candles.

Only thing missing is a (natural ;)) snack. Do you like pamper evenings, taking baths, just laying there - relaxing? Or are you the quick shower kind of type? Let me know. Much love, Sjoukje


  1. these items are looking incredible ! :)

    xx Victoria

  2. I definitely would be that pamper evening kind of person if only I had a bathtub! Showering just isn't as relaxing...

  3. Great article! I'm also a fan of doing all natural beauty products in home and I'm aware and comfortable with what I'm using.

    xo jona
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  4. Pamper evenings are always really great, but I can definitely relate to only being interested for about a half an hour before wanting to do something else! Still relaxation is so important to staying well rested and rejuvenated! The products from All Naturals look absolutely lovely, especially that lavender bath bomb - and although I am a sucker for lush products, and although lush products are also just as natural, there is something very therapeutic and calming about using organic products that aren't in neon colors as well.

    Rae | love from berlin

  5. I love the idea of taking time out and relaxing, sometimes its east to forget.. I'm more of a shower person I can't remember when I last had a bath but these treats look lovely xx

  6. nice post! loving the pictures :)

  7. Great post! That lavender coconut ball looks like it would be amazing!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  8. great post !!!

    love your blog

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    Have a nice day


  9. they all look wonderful! I like the sound of the candles :)

    Melissa ||

  10. I'm definitely more a quick shower tyoe. I don't like saying too much long in my bath. I just get so bored.

    xx, Renaud |

  11. Love your post! I like natural product so this was very interesting for me!
    Have a lovely day :)