How To Stand Out As A Blogger

Good day everybody! It doesn't matter how much you love blogging - it hurts when nobody reads your articles. More and more bloggers start their own blog every day, and every blogger has something different to offer. It can be hard to stand out and make your blog interesting for your readers, but it's one of the main criteria to attract readers: people won't read your articles when you're the hundredth blogger talking about that specific subject that day. I hope this little list will help you!

Fashion and beauty are the main blogging themes because many girls (and boys!) are interested in those two subjects. Finding something different to blog about can make you stand out, especially in those crowded blogging niches. Think about what you like: is it photography, lifestyle, music, literature? - it can be fashion and beauty as well, but trying to stand out in the fashion and beauty world means working really hard, because you're competing with bigger bloggers with an immensely large following. This shouldn't keep you from trying, though: if you have that spark which makes your readers believe in you, they'll keep visiting your blog. Having a specific subject is really helpful, though, because it will attract a certain group of readers and keep them interested.

Trying to stand out means trying to be different: you won't stand out if you're exactly like everyone else. Don't try to change yourself, though: try to find that thing in you which makes you you.

Some of my favorite bloggers only update their blogs once a month and there's nothing which drives me crazier than that. Try to be consistent: this will show your followers that you're dedicated.

Find a cool design (template) on the internet or, if you're willing to invest some money, let someone design one. Having an interesting and beautiful page to stare at will make your blog look interesting.

What I'm looking for when reading blogs is personality. I don't want to read simple texts I could read in a schoolbook as well because, well, I'd open a schoolbook. I want to read something about the blogger, I want to get to know him or her. Think about this, try to let your inner you shine through your posts. This will create a personal connection with your followers: they won't see you as a person on the interwebs publishing articles - they will see you as a friend.

Enhancing your photography and your language are ways to stand out as well: beautiful photographs will make you look interesting, just like thoughtful texts will.

Standing out as a blogger is difficult because the group of bloggers is so huge. I hope this list has helped you a little bit though: but you can't force people to read your blog. You have got to have that little something which will make people visit your blog every day again: this list may help you find that little something. Have a lovely day, much love - Sjoukje


  1. Really Helpful Thanks! : )

  2. Very helpful indeed. I have been told to update the look of my blog, and I am making that a priority. Happy Blogging. If you want to check out my blog, I'm at

  3. you always write the best articles!:)


  4. Definitely agree with you, there are so many blogs it can be tough to stand out! I definitely struggle with having a 'subject', I did start out as beauty but stopped that as I just couldn't keep up with one topic! Now I write about everything but trying to narrow it down a little bit! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. ah fijne tips sjoukje, ben het ook helemaal met je standpunt eens :) X

  6. Love your post! I definitely agree...I wish I knew this when I first started a little under a year ago but I hope I've learned from my mistakes <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  7. This is a great post! I definitely agree with being consistent--this is something that I personally have the most trouble with, just because my schedule is always such a mess! I do think it is so important though, as you say!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  8. Thank you once again for some fantastic advice, Sjoukje! I completely agree with you, even though I must admit that i do not necessarily conform to all of your tips. Your blog seems to get more interesting with every post :)

  9. Beautiful photography, love the lighting and composition! I realise this doesn't have anything to do with the content of this post but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I'm sure you put a lot of effort and thought into the photographs aswell as the text! :)

  10. all your blogging tips help me and give me hope that some day, someone will love to read my articles as much as I love to write them. It takes time and a lot of patient and commitment .. xx

  11. I love this, it's definitely hard to stand out. Coming back to blogging after about a year away has really thrown me if I'm honest, part of me feels like I'm home, the other half feels like I've never been near a blog in my life!

    Maxine, xo

  12. this is so so true ! :)
    Love from France, Victoria

  13. Really great tips Sjoukje!
    I agree there is nothing that agitates me more than when a favorite blogger doesn't update for a month, or in some cases I've seen people disappear for two-three months straight. Sounds a little hypocritical saying that right now because I've been pretty absent from the blog scene over the last month. But anyway, thank you for sharing these tips, they are nice to read and gain motivation from, too!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  14. Really really great post. It's so hard to stand out nowadays. As you said, there are so many blogs and bloggers, and so many of them are so so good. Difficult to do better. Personally, I decided not to choose a specific subject. I love to write about everything and anything. But I admit that choosing a theme for your blog assure you faithful readers.

    xx, Renaud |

  15. This is a very nice written and interesting post. I start my blog with a very small ambition but I am very dedicated to it. Exchange ideas with people from around the world is so cool. You have definetly the spark. :)

  16. Goed artikel. Fijne tips. Ik vind het altijd fijn om dit soort artikelen te lezen :) Mooi blog heb je!

  17. Thankyou Sjoukje! really helpful :)) Grace x