Helping With Habits #1: How To Drink More Water

Water is important - very important. The biggest part of our body is made up of water and even though we know this is true, we often forget to take care of something important like this. I wanted to introduce a new category to my blog: 'Helping With Habits', where I want to give you some tips and tricks on how to maintain a good lifestyle, or change into having one. I hope you like this first edition!

Add a flavor 
Adding a flavor to water makes it so much easier to drink loads! I usually slice up some lemons and add them to a huge jar of water. This tastes like a less sugary and healthier version of our regular lemonade and I really like drinking it.

Use your phone
There's an app for everything, even for your water intake! Waterlogged is the name, check it out.

Set alarms
If you don't really like using apps, set a few alarms on your phone and when it goes off, drink a glass of water.

Carry it around
Carrying water around gives you the opportunity to drink water when you're either thirsty or just bored.

Just order water
When you're going to a restaurant, ordering a glass of wine is easy and delicious - it can be expensive though. To save some money and drink some more water, skip the wine and go for the water.

Make it a habit
Drink when you wake up - drink before you eat - drink before you go to bed. If you decide to make this a habit, your body will get thirsty whenever you don't follow your usual scheme so this will automatically enhance your water intake!

Invest in a cool water bottle..
..and actually use it.

Use a straw
I personally prefer drinking beverages from a straw because it's easier and my lipstick doesn't get messed up. Drinking from a straw goes quicker as well, so you'll consume more water in a shorter period of time.

Tea is water as well
Just with an extra flavor. Especially green tea is a great substitute for when you're thirsty for something else.

I hope you liked this first edition of 'Helping With Habits'! Let me know if you have any suggestions for this new category. Much love, Sjoukje! X



  1. These tips are spot on! I like the one about keeping track via an app. Water is so vital to health! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. goede tips meid! Water drinken is ZO belangrijk.
    Liefs Lonneke

  3. Wat een leuk artikel! Ik ga meteen een glas water drinken! ;-)

  4. great post and ideas! yes, I agree, water is so important. I like to put lemon in mine :)


  5. I'm the absolute worst at drinking water. I find you're right about just having it with you... if you don't have to go get it you are much more inclined to just take a sip until it's all gone! Now if you can only just help me lose 10 kilos I'll be eternally grateful :)

    Megan ||

  6. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

    Check out my new post

  7. Thanks for sharing! xx

  8. I love lemon in my water, I drink a lot of water anyway but adding lemon helps add sugar :) xx

  9. I loved this Sjoukje! Great tips. I am definitely guilty of not drinking enough. I will try some of these tips.