The Body Shop: Vitamin E Moisture Mask (Spoiler: It's Amazing)

My skin has been a total bitch lately - I am sorry for my language but I currently can't find a more decent way to describe the biggest organ of my body. My skin has been very uneven, I have quite a few spots and while I usually like applying BB cream as a light cover-up, this now isn't  sufficient. This all got me thinking: I've been eating healthy and I've been drinking lots of water - shouldn't my skin look great? (because it used to).
With thinking comes Googling and I initially thought my bathing habits were the cause of my red face: I couldn't think of something else. Until I typed in the 'b', and Google suggested this: 'B12 injections'.
As you might know I am a vegetarian and I can be quite lazy when it comes to eating enough foods with many vitamins, especially when it comes to vitamins only animal products provide us with. I recently went to see my doctor and he told me I have a shortage of the B12 vitamin (it's very common, don't worry) and taking a few injections would be enough. I was very tired, got sick really easily so I didn't really do any research and just accepted this, had a few vitamin B12 'shots' and I didn't think of any possible side effects.

The first few weeks were alright - my skin was quite red and irritated but I thought this had something to do with the time of the month et cetera but I then started Googling, like I said before and I found out that this had nothing to do with personal hygiene, eating habits and things like that.
Finding out B12 injections cause acne and irritated skin made me sad: I mean, I am a vegetarian and I don't eat lots of dairy products either so I'll probably have to get more B12 injections in the future - but I'll just have to deal with this.
I am quite inpatient when it comes to skin problems: I'd rather put millions of lotions on my face, than just wait for the spots to go away (and I know this is a terrible habit). Putting lotions on my face hasn't helped, yet.
I did some more Google research and I found out that vitamin E is great for the skin (when you have scars as well) and I bought some supplement pills. I also looked through my makeup and skincare collection (which isn't as impressive as I make it sound) and saw that my favorite face moisturizer ever is from the vitamin E collection by The Body Shop.
I recently started using a face lotion for sensitive skin by Nivea and I bought the night cream as well so I don't want to invest money in another day- and night cream, as they usually last me for ages and I actually can use my money better at this moment. (This might sound contradictory with what I told you, but I'm hoping my bad skin will go away soon).

Sooooo that was quite a long story. It isn't over yet, though! I told my mother all about this and she came home with a little present and I am glad she did, because apparently all my skin needed was a little moisture boost.

The package I have contains 6ml which isn't too much, but I could use this one twice. It is available for 2.50e which is a decent price.

The scent is just like the other vitamin E products by TBS: if you're not familiar with this range, I'd describe it as a sweet scent but not too overwhelming - it smells quite natural in its sweetness. If you are familiar with the vitamin E range by TBS: I'd say this mask is a combination of the day cream when talking about how liquid it is, and the night cream when talking about how easily it sinks in (it doesn't sink in easily, but it doesn't feel greasy either). You're supposed to put the mask on your face, let it rest for 10 minutes and swipe the residue away. My skin was super soft after using this mask and I couldn't stop touching it (which probably isn't very hygienic, haha).

This mask is for every skin type out there - I usually am quite scared of masks like this one because my skin can be quite oily (even when I don't have B12 injections), especially in the T-zone but this wasn't a problem.

If you're looking for a great moisturizing but not too oily mask, definitely give this one a go. You could buy the bigger version as well, which you can find right here.


My face has actually started to clear up (I wrote this article a few days ago) and I honestly think this mask was a huge part of it: it gave my skin an enormous boost. :-)


I hope you will have a lovely day - much love, Sjoukje.


  1. thats really interesting, its great that the mask helped you out, sometimes I dont believe doctors XD

  2. It sounds good~~, I need to try that!!

  3. Sounds great, I love moisturizing my skin :)

  4. Sounds really good!

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  5. This sounds great! That's super annoying the B12 injections cause you to break out, hopefully you'll find a supplement that works! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

  6. Wat jammer over de B12. I did not know that it caused irritation and acne!?! It's like you're not getting rewarded for your good eating and healthy water intake. At Christmas I gifted a friend the Vitamin E TBS lotion, and she said it worked as well as the others. I know the line has some different kinds of products but had never heard of this Moisture Mask. Looks awesome, and how sweet of your mom to bring it home for you!!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. This sounds like something I need to try! :)

    Sabrina x